Thursday, August 15, 2013

Carlos Tavares is on the Inside Lane.... About Time!!!!

  Yes!!! I know your Portuguese:):)  a wonderful country and my people helped out your people in 1974. It's called being "allies".....

The number two Renault has plans to one day reach the highest office and informed. In a surprising interview with Bloomberg, Carlos Tavares, Chief Operating Officer for the group's operations in diamond for two years, has made no secret of its ambitions, which uneasily undisputed leadership of Carlos Ghosn. "We have a great boss and he is here to stay. Anyone who has a passion for the automotive industry came to the conclusion that at some point you have the energy and the appetite to become number one, "said Ghosn's right arm, which was hardly the intention of have to wait several years.

The firm made its calculations: if Carlos Ghosn had to be renewed in the spring of 2014 at the head of Renault for four years, as is likely, his number two, now aged 55, should champing at the bit until the age of 60 expect to take the reins of the manufacturer. An eternity given the ambitions of the leader, he never exposed so explicitly.

Carlos Tavares did not hesitate to offer his services to General Motors and Ford, which should change one and the other boss in the next two to three years. Without even bothered to take steps overseas, the CEO of Renault believes that one of these two positions based in Detroit would like a glove. "My experience would be good for any manufacturer. Why not GM? I would be honored to lead a group like this, "he slips, falsely innocent. A highly unrealistic perspective, the two groups tend to recruit in-house American executives (in the case of Ford, the Mass itself seems with the recent promotion of Mark Fields, on course to succeed Alan Mulally).
Horizon clogged

Why such moods, who suddenly troubled homes of the steering committee of the group? The horizon of Carlos Tavares in Renault seems blocked for some time yet and he did not meet. While Carlos Ghosn has been renewed at the end of June to head Nissan for a term of two years, the Alliance seems for many years in the hands of the same man. Especially in the long term, the future CEO of Nissan will normally be a Japanese leader from the house. Carlos Ghosn is considering a change in the governance of the Alliance, which could happen in 2014. "It is not at all certain that Tavares can win something in the future governance of the group, which should be great emphasis on cross-functional between the two seats," slip an internal source.

Openly expressing his feelings, Carlos Tavares not he seeks above all to position themselves in this new puzzle? The man seems ready to play all out: no quick answer about his future, he feels perfectly entitled to go elsewhere. "This is a 'warning' addressed to Carlos Ghosn. Tavares believes it is entitled to climb given what he has done in two years, "decrypts the same source. Whereas usually the income statement of Renault is largely driven by strong profits from Nissan, the number two brand in diamond highlights own efforts to Renault in terms of political costs and profitability, resulted in the benefit of higher than expected - the automotive industry - 211 million euros.

More profoundly, this unexpected output highlights the misunderstandings that can move between Carlos. For example on industrial sites. "At the time of social negotiations in France in the first quarter, Tavares, conscious of cash flow, was in favor of close factories while Ghosn was opposed to it," relate two sources. The second is clearly placing them in a more political approach and giving guarantees to the government for its next renewal. Another area of ​​obvious shift: the focus on sports models with the Alpine Renaissance worn by a Tavares, big fan of motorsport project, but much less in priorities Ghosn, who has long favored diversification into electric vehicles.

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