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Carlos Tavares and Carlos Ghosn: I'm Creating an Interactive Way To Explain The Internal Battle for Control at NISSAN and How The Company is Linked to a Good Ole Boy Network = to the Southern Mafia

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This is a quote from a Jalopnik article from 2010

Sharyn Bovat has documented her communications with Mark Silverman... He knows that Sharyn's life is in danger UNTIL this story is exposed.  In Washington DC Sharyn showed him issues about "mysterious deaths" that have happened at NISSAN and Renault.  Bovat was told that at least 1 death in Smyrna was murder and also one of the suicides at Renault.  Both the French government and the American government do NOT investigate these deaths to the way they should.... Why?   

Bovat was told to NOT travel to Tennessee due to "lower level" members of the Good Ole Boy network that are upset that issues of corruption and discrimination have been exposed. 

The NISSAN Whistleblower is going to "explain" the Internal Battle for control happening at NISSAN that was describe in a Jalopnik article about her in 2010. She'll use emails and text messages. Most of the communications are between her and Mark Silverman a former USA Today News editor from Gannett whose a Ben Bradlee winner.  Mark "vetted" her blogs and said Sharyn 's 90% accurate.  Because Sharyn did research for CIA operatives she was told she was around "master manipulators" and Sharyn does NOT know what on this blog is not correct.  Mark won't tell her.   As soon as she gets that data she will make clarifications.  Sharyn admits she worked on the Lockerbie Cover Up saying Iran did it.... In 2011 Mark "proofed" a brochure Sharyn sent to members of congress.  Sharyn Bovat as said that the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn is linked to ex CIA that were involved with drug trafficking.  Carlos Ghosn is linked to Iran Contra.   Sharyn was told by Jeff Draper on the executive floor in 2009 while she was working on the relocation of Carlos Tavares that Carlos Ghosn used "ex CIA" to stay in control.

 Mark Silverman was the editor the Tennessean the largest paper in Tennessee and Sharyn fell in love with Mark while she was trying to get him to publish the story of NISSAN fraud.  Mark is happily married and the two today regularly talk are "friends"

Text messages between NISSAN employees with NOT show their names or identities.  Many at NISSAN currently or formally communicated issues of discrimination, corruption or bullying to Sharyn Bovat.  When NISSAN relocated to Tennessee a Good Ole Boy Network took over.  That network is linked to Governor Bill Haslam and to former Governor Phil Bredesen.  It's been relayed to Sharyn that she's been fight "the Southern Mafia".... ouch!!!!

These lawyers and judges and the WIlliamson DA need to be investigated for RICO... NISSAN took a LOT of money from the City of Franklin and 99% Racketeering happened.  Not pictured is the WIlliamson County ADA Terry Wood. 

Sharyn was told by the FBI in 2010 that they did NOT want to investigate the politically connected group of people that were discriminating.  Still Sharyn filed a formal complaint "after" she got a death threat with the FBI- Previous death threats were reported to the Franklin Police BUT they did nothing.  Officer Bruce Bateman ignored issues.  Bovat was told in 2010 about the 54 million + taxpayer dollars for the new police HQ that was recently built. A viewer told her the new police HQ is the same size as Memphis? He said that he vocalized corruption and was bullied by the police. The NISSAN Whistleblower was told the police station in Franklin was  built with a a LOT "no bid" contracts. Lots of kickbacks and she was told the project that was originally 38 million had a LOT of corruption. At least 16 MILLION in government waste and the schools are suffering.  

When Sharyn Bovat proved to speak up for the taxpayer the Franklin police wanted her SILENT.  Sharyn was pulled over a LOT...  she documented the bullying done to her BUT nobody stopped the harassment.  Today happily she lives OUT of Tennessee.

Sharyn also learned that the Mayor John Schroer who became a Haslam appointed to lead TDOT was a developer that did "sleazy" land deals.  Schools were "rezoned" simply to sell subdivisions then the communities that were filled by those NOT born in Tennessee would be rezoned back to schools with less than desirable reputations.  Worse the whistleblower learned of racism involved with zoning decisions and WHY Williamson County has 2 School districts.

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 Below is an email Sharyn Bovat sent to Carlos Tavares & Greg Kelly. Sharyn told them BOTH about the Good Ole Boy Network.  Knowing at the time that Carlos Tavares wanted it to "end".... still she did not know the "level" of the role Greg Kelly played in the network. Yet she knew that before Greg left for Japan he left Mark Stout a "list".... Nick Agelidis was on that list.  Also others that would be fired or "demoted"....

Click Here for more on Nick Agelidis 

OK..... Here's an email from Mark Silverman....
*Spellcheck done on email below no words were changed..just spelling.. if you want the original contact Sharyn Bovat @ or 615-944-7599

On Jan 28, 2011, at 1:31 PM, "Silverman, Mark" <> wrote:

I just read all of this, plus the blog link.  Nice picture, by the way, with your "friends."
Try to stay as cool as is possible. If I weren't hreading out of town in about 30 minutes, I'd suggest a meeting today. But I can't do that. Good luck on Monday. Try to stay as calm as possible. I'll see you on Tuesday.

From: []
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2011 12:49 PM
To: Silverman, Mark
Subject: From Sharyn PLEASE READ!!!!


Today I was confronted with information that about 6 months ago Catherine Perez the most powerful woman at Nissan who "set me up to look gay" in 2009 6 months ago she slandered me in the "same" way the Renault Three have been slandered, which was started 6 months ago.  I believe there was a campaign to discredit those that questioned Nissan's sincerity in the EV.  Catherine Perez said "I stole corporate information". IT"S RIDICULES!!!!

 Text message between Sharyn Bovat and Mark Silverman (who was at the time the editor of the Tennessean..  Mark "used" to be the News Editor for the USA Today.  He's a Ben Bradlee award winner whose paper was up for a Pulitzer price.

Also,  I've been called a "spy" before by those at NISSAN associated with Thormann & Ghosn.  Once by an employee of Habitat for Humanity who heard it from the  former Director of NISSAN communications Fred Standish was telling people odd things.  I complained and he left.    Then Reuter comes along and he told people I was "crazy".  He's threatened people that if they tell my story they will no longer get advertising OR test cars.    I've become friendly with a few.  They know I'm telling the truth.  Still they cannot help me..  They need the ad and the test cars.   I told Ed Neidermeiyer at the Truth About Cars that Reuter probably did NOT know the truth about me. I even defended the new NISSAN vp of communications saying that  companies/governments keep those that interact with the press "uninformed" just so they don't have to lie.  

OK  I'm jaded.... It's TRUE!!!  Companies that are 'dishonest" never seem to have bright spokespeople.  

This is a picture of Sharyn at Catherine Perez'a house at a party with mostly NISSAN executives.  Vincent Valdmann the man Sharyn says was promoted to "help" Catherine have a baby is pictured between Brian and Diane Carolin.  Bovat sent email to Carlos Tavares in 2009 that "back up" this allegation.

FYI- I had done the relocation of Catherine and the man she wanted to help get her pregnant.   He was NOT qualified and he became the Director of Powertrain. It's a LONG story.   The STATE Of TENNESSEE must have spent 1/4 million dollars bringing this guy over from Paris. 

Catherine and I were friends she trusted me because she "thought" I was on the Good Ole Boy team.  The fact is I was just on the tennis team of Greg Kelly's wife and I partied with a lot of the Good Ole Boy elite.   I was told that NISSAN kept me around because the French liked me.  Catherine is in charge of purchasing and is highly needy greedy & unethical.   She told me "way too much" and even had me attend parties that were ONLY for the  Good Ole Boy network.  I went because i found it fun and fascinating....   I'd been trying to figure out the Tennessee culture since I moved here in 2001.   Catherine became my "mentor" and she took me to events that were exclusively for Nissan executives.  I was told that I would become one (once management change happened,  that's Saikawa)  I did NOT like the fact that at a Bourbon tasting at Sperry's for Nissan Executives in February 2009 when hearing the "war was starting" and knowing that "if" they succeeded the Good Ole Boys would continue to discriminate and WASTE taxpayer money.   Out of about 40 NISSAN executives only 2 women ( me ant Catherine) & ONLY 1 was black. While putting crab cakes on my plate I asked this guy. "Why's the black guy here"...  he said this is a DIRECT quote:

 "we keep him cause he acts white".....
This is a note from Catherine to me that came with a gift.  Catherine gave Sharyn Bovat at lot of gifts.  Some gifts were souvenirs from her trips.  Sharyn acknowledges that she "might have" flirted with Catherine to try to get a job.  Women in management at NISSAN dropped from 20.9% in 2006 down to 10% in 2009 the year she whistle blew.  Sharyn wanted a job with health insurance and Catherine promised to help her. 

Fact: The Good Ole Boys at NISSAN wrongfully fired the gays.  They looked at people's personal facebook accounts.  I have some "wrongfully" dismissed gays that will testify.   Some are now working for Nissan's competition and they are VERY talented.  Nissan LOST out.

It's HORRIBLE!!!  I actually sent Mr. Tavares a VERY emotional email because I was upset the slandering of me would make it impossible for me to get a date in Tennessee.  Then I finally wrote on my blog that "if Good Ole Boys are the ONLY thing offered in Tennessee I'll consider switching teams".  :) :)  Then GET THIS!!! A guy in NISSAN management who's on TEAM Tavares asked me out on a date.   BECAUSE he or Japan was afraid that I'd become a lesbian.  I have the emails....  It gets WEIRDER!!!   YES!!!   IT"S ridicules!!!!   After my arrest the email I sent to Mr. tavares were put on a "forward by rule" mode and then Ghosn's people got copies of my emails.   THEN they realized HOW MUCH I REALLY KNEW!!!  ABOUT THE LEAF....  they were scared and then they "framed the Renault Three & Me".   They used the fact I sent Mr. Tavares an email telling him of the date of the NISSAN manager as a way to say I violated my bond and then I was tossed in jail the 2nd time.  ???  Why did they NOT send the courts emails that show "my concern for the LEAF and MY concern for success at NISSAN.   BECAUSE their goal was to harass & humiliate me.  6 months ago Catherine told people that I was " a spy" to explain my arrests to members of the community. NOW people are waking up....  I need to keep speaking for me and the Renault Three......

My child has suffered.  She is NOT invited to birthday  parties, pool parties and she has a  mom who's totally distracted.  This needs to end!!!

attached is a photo of me with Catherine, Diane Carolin & Birten Breckett.   Diane is the wife of my former client Brian and he's the SVP  in charge of marketing.

Also please look at the PDF It's IMPORTANT!!!  It shows how I communicate.

I'm working on a "press packet" that I'm sending out after my next press release that's coming out soon.I have court on Monday and I'm terrified TWO times that I went to court they "hauled me away in handcuffs".   FOR NO LEGAL reason.  I'm a political prisoner.  It's SCAREY that this is happening in America.
See you Tuesday ....  I hope.
I'm truly terrified.

This email is from Marlin Chapman the Director of HR asking me to work on the Tavares relocation.

Below are text messages too....

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