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Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, Fred Diax, Jose Munoz, Erich Marx & David Reuter: James Comey the Incoming FBI Director Will Be Aware of the NISSAN Fraud. Just Google Him and Do an Image Search

"..Mr. Berger..... Do not question a taxpayer who questions your companies  spending,..." email to NISSAN lawyer from Sharyn Bovat.... Oddly his emails were NOT in court documents....except for the one I gave my lawyer..

"...A while ago when I reliezed the Internal Battle of Control 2009 was a Battle for the EV..... Basically  The wasting of 1.6 billion dollars for failure was because the good ole boys said it was not going to succeed.  ..."   From an email sent to Carlos Tavares in November 2009 Someone tell Terry Wood and Kim Helper at the Williamson County DA's office I mentioned Leaf Fraud in 2009 BEFORE Nissan ever got the American cash.  If NISSAN can't pay it back to the American taxpayer they should.

FYI- Carlos Tavares the former President of NISSAN North America emailed me in July 2009 actually  he emailed me UNTIL February 2010 - Then I learned of the MASSIVE fraud when NISSAN execs swore out warrants and had me arrested it was NOT nice....fact is it's ILLEGAL.

A while back a lawyer from the DOJ's office told me to sue NISSAN civilly- He was a deputy of Eric Holders.  I tole him I wanted CRIMINAL charges made agains NISSAN executives  for having me jailed:  He did not seem interested in doing that: Investigations had to happen and that was at the discretion of the FBI.  Earlier I contacted the Memphis FBI office and they transferred me to the NASHVILLE FBI field office they seemed "less than interested" in going after the "Tennessee Good Ole Boy Network" - Oddly later I was told that 14 investigations in Tennessee were happening.  I even told my friend Mark Silverman about the medical billing investigations and "that really happened".... Still I'm not aware about the Green fraud investigating.. Maybe the Feds will link the Haslam profiteers to Hemlock Semiconductor.  That was 90 MILLION wasted.  - NISSAN issues but  I've been told James Comey is not worried about the "politics" and I have hope that he'll let criminal investigations happen.

For me it's NOT about the money it's about JUSTICE.   Sure I'd like to get my reputation back and to be able to have a normal life BUT NISSAN bullies me in court and the political appointees from corrupt Tennessee governors "let it happen".... I believe that until the Tennessee courts are cleared up from excessive cronyism I will not get fairness in the Tennessee courts. Luckily I have ALL documented and eventually I will communicate that I was wronged in Tennessee..

Below is a link to an Appeal.... Fighting Corrupt Courts is NOT fun.  I do not know if the appeals judges are corrupt.... As soon as I know who'll be listening to my case I'll see if any profited or are closely related to Gov. Bill Haslam, Former Gv. Phil Bredesen,  Senator Lamar Alexander, Former VP Al Gore or Senator Bob Corker.   All those men have profiteeerd or received money from people that trumped up charges against me.

------Original Message------
To: Sharyn
To:  A NISSAN lawyer wbo sent me letters telling me not to blog
Sent: Jun 30, 2009 6:15 PM

Mr. Berger,

I received the Fed Ex letter today and you have accused me of actions that I have not done.   If this letter was meant to intimidate me you have failed.

Over 230 years ago one of my relatives signed the Declaration of Independence.    It took courage for those to sign that "liberty providing" document. Those patriots risked their lives for FREEDOM.  

I'm just asking Nissan for fairness, not just for me a former consultant who's checks have the word NISSAN on them.  I'm asking for fairness for all.. 

Mr. Berger..... Do not question a taxpayer who questions your companies  spending, especially NOW..   Do not bully a woman who has worked hard for your expatriates for over 3 years. 

It's been on my web site that I will take it down when Mr. Tavares tell me to take it down.  

I want Respect!   More Important!!!
America DESERVES Respect.

Sharyn Bovat

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------Original Message------
To:   Another NISSAN Lawyer who called me and offered me money "if" I took my blog down.  It's been on my websites/blogs and NOBODY has questioned it....WHY?
Sent: Jul 18, 2009 4:53 PM

Mr. Tavi,

Yesterday I was contacted by a vendor I used to recommend to my clients.  I was told of ongoing "extreme" spending that ended a little over 2 weeks ago.  This person wants to help me in my quest for ethical change and offered to pull invoices if needed.  I said thank you but my hope is that change has happened and we won't have to dwell on negativity.

My "thought" is that my issue of  bad spending has been heard and you can't change the past.  Bringing up new issues will only hurt Nissan.   It's time to make things better. 

If you want the information I can get it to you.

Have a Great Day!


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------Original Message------
To: CARLOS TAVARES  He was President of NISSAN North America & on the NISSAN Motors board. He Was the whistleblowers relocation client.  
Sent: Nov 18, 2009 9:23 AM

Subject: Request

Mr. Tavares,

Hope all is well.

I have a favor to ask.   Can you put a picture of your concept of the attractive infiniti EV on the web.   (Shortly after this email and "attractive concept picture was put on the web).  Later a NISSAN employee would bring cars for me to look at... some were NOT on the market.  Why did he do that when I was deemed the #2 security risk for NISSAN.  I got to preview cars up until 2011- It's been on my blog and the WIlliamson County DA NEVER asked for information.  I'll give that to the FBI)


A while ago when I reliezed the Internal Battle of Control 2009 was a Battle for the EV..... Basically  The wasting of 1.6 billion dollars for failure was because the good ole boys said it was not going to succeed.   

Mr. Tavares I want the EV to succeed and knowing that a lot of "abuse" I received was driven by this war over this technology and the future direction at NISSAN    I was a bit frustrated when the car looked. Unappealing, I've tried to warm up to it.  the EV purpose is fantastic  of being an alternate energy source/zero emmission car, I'm thrilled about the technical reviews.   when I saw the electric road map on the web and all your new!!!  I was excited  because your doing like the railroads.   
Again.   It's going to be a success.  In my mind one's truly ugly (to me). 

Sir, This has been a Long battle and can you kindly  just for inspiration and peace of mind  put an "attractive" infiniti concept out ???  

Is that too much to. Ask?   

Please.  :)     

I want to work on cultural change (diversity), corporate outreach and relo.   I believe people are ready for accepting change..

Mr tavares,  will someone at Nissan contact me?  

Have a Great Night/Day,


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