Friday, July 19, 2013

Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, David Reuter, Fred Diaz & Erich Marx - I'm NOT About Money I'm About JUSTICE.... I Have PTSD and It Stems From Operation Cyclone & CIA Drug Trafficking That the CEO Carlos Ghosn is Connected Too. I Want RESPECT for ALL Americans.. Please See Video on WHY I Have PTSD.. Then Tell Me WHY You Work for A Sleazy Piece of Shit?


On Jul 19, 2013, at 12:21 PM, Sharyn Bovat wrote:

I NOW know why I've been so determined insisting on transparency.  Today a PTSD flashback caused by excessive heat and being in a house with no AC (thanks American Home Shield for giving me the "runaround") because of the flashback I know why I'm the way I am. It's linked to Operation Cyclone & the Lockerbie cover-up.

The below link explains why I get so upset Nissan supports terrorists. Why does nobody seems to care about that?  Probably because the TN governor that bullies me "profits" from Iran's allies.

Now I can heal-(I hope my insurance has a good program)  please watch the video of me and how I got PTSD- it's Why I'm an activist for AVERAGE people.

My energy should go To all our troops and CIA that suffer PTSD.  I have empathy. 


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My webstats show that A LOT of people connected to CIA cover ups "read my website and blogs".....
It scared people that I was blogging and I was bullied, jailed and stalked by "creepy people"..... ALL I want is to feel safe.  The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn is linked to those connected to CIA drug trafficking.   Carlos Ghosn is linked to those that profit from oil.  Why did he want to build an electric car using OUTDATED technology?  I was told it was a "false flag" operation.   huh....

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