Friday, July 5, 2013

Scott Becker and Bill Krueger - What are YOU Going to Do with ALL the Good White Collar Criminal Lawyers Like Reid Weingarten Being Unavailable Due to Haslam Family FRAUD? The NISSAN Whistleblower Vows to "Bring Down" the Haslam Family to Get Her Reputation Back.... Bill Haslam the Tennessee Governor Allowed for His Appointees to "Selectively" Persecute the Whistleblower. Inhumanity Happened in Tennessee by a Corrupt Good Ole Boy Network: One That Harbors NISSAN Executives.

Sorry NISSAN executives Scott Becker and Bill Krueger the GOOD White Collar Lawyers are BOOKED by the Governor...

Haslam FBI Probe - The Plane Fact is Jimmy Haslam Had to Know - YouTu

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