Monday, July 8, 2013

Michael Hastings Was "Most Likely" Not Murdered By Those in the Obama Administration... Just By a Group Indirectly Linked to It - Mainly Their Linked to Henry Kissinger. That's Just a Guess. Also People are Mad That I Was Bullied by NISSAN and They Finally Realize That the "Global Good Ole Boy" Network Needs to STOP.... Henry Kissinger is NOT Responsible BUT Some Rogue People Connected to Him Are. I Believe It's Mr. Kissinger's Moral Responsibility to Society to Make The Evil Twisted People STOP... . The NISSAN CEO and Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy are In the Rogue Group- So Are Those Connected to the Mainstream Media INCLUDING the Hearst Company... Remember Patty? They Just Need to STOP & to RESPECT All People. The Era of Military Industrial Witch Hunts Needs to End. Journalist Need to Feel Safe and Carlos Ghosn Should Be Punished for Allowing 3 Men to Be Accused as Spies.

What does an editor say when a reporter wants to write about Sharyn Bovat's story?

Remember Breitbart

Nissan Whistleblower: Maybe Andrew Breitbart Will Expose DOE ...

Feb 11, 2012 - Maybe Andrew Breitbart Will Expose DOE Fraud.....

"...It would not be the first time that a prominent journalist taking on the establishment has died under suspicious circumstances. Conservative-leaning alternative-media giant Andrew Breitbart, for example, promised to reveal information that would destroy the Obama machine. Shortly before the highly anticipated release, the 43-year-old died of “heart failure.” Two months later, the county coroner who conducted Breitbart’s autopsy was poisoned. Before that, investigative journalist Gary Webb, who exposed CIA cocaine trafficking, supposedly "committed suicide" with two bullets to the head after publicly expressing his concerns that he would be killed. The list could go on...." 

Suspicions Growing Over Death of Journalist Probing NSA and CIA ...

The New American-1 hour ago
Weeks after the fiery death of investigative journalist Michael Hastings, who was probing abuses by the CIA and NSA and had recently ..

Below is from my Wiki Spooks profile:

On January 3rd 2011 3 men at Renault the French car company that were accused of being spies. The men were accused of espionage in reference to the electric car. During that time Sharyn led an effort to vindicate them. Bovat says she got a call in January verifying they were innocent & the evidence to frame the men had not yet been manufactured. and led a viral effort to vindicate the men. Sharyn purchased the domain in early January and sent emails tot he French consulate in January 2011 - In late January Carlos Ghosn had gone on French TV saying the men were guilty and he had “multiple proofs”
Bovat alleges that the Lebanese/Brazilian NISSAN CEO Carlo Ghosn is connected to ex CIA that were involved with drug trafficking and that he's part of the Lockerbie cover up. Bovat has stated in court documents she has suffered retaliation due to her past work foe CIA operative.

The Gary Webb issues is linked to the Margaret Lesher and Sonny Bono deaths.   I was told that Gary Webb will be vindicated and that the creepy people STOP just so they won't be accountable.  It's important for the NISSAN CEO to get exposed and for Nicolas Sarkozy.   Many people like me want a HEALTHY society.  IT can only happen once evil twisted people stop.   

Yes!!!  Some democrats are involved and Yes!!!  Some GOP.  Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express is one of the people that will know the "evil element"....   

I (Sharyn Bovat) got to talk to Andrew... He was gonna break some BIG stories...

When you google the name of the TOP CIA Lawyer my picture pops...

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