Monday, July 8, 2013

James Clapper, Stephen Preston & Michael Vickers OMG - Edward Snowden Has Read My Blogs..... I'm Honored. God Bless America & NISSAN Give Edward Snowden a Car to Use in Nicaragua... Maybe Carlos Ghosn Can take him there on the company jet? I hear it's nice.

As part of the leaking whistle-blowing community I have "mixed emotions" about some of what Edward Snowden discussed (basically the CHINA stuff) BUT I'm happy the country is having the dialogue.  I had learned a while back that some associated with wiki leaks read my website and "that" scared people... including me.  Still it explains how I had MILLIONS of hits on original Girl in the Black Honda website and people from so many countries....

God Bless America & NISSAN Give Edward Snowden a Car to Use in Nicaragua...  

Maybe Carlos Ghosn Can take him there on the company jet?  I hear it's nice.   

Edward Snowden Should Live in Nicaragua....It's a County I Helped in the 80's. Granted the Contras Were NOT the Warm and Fuzzy Freedom Fighters I Thought They Were Back Then ... Still Today Nicaragua is Doing Well....I Hear the President is OK and America Needs to Build a Relationship.  Since a Snowden Trial Would HURT National Security.  Some Say that the DOD Will Have MASSIVE Budget CUts "If" This NSA Story Keeps Making Front Pages. 

Americans are TIRED of Hearing About How The County Deceived Them.. One Guy Who Served in the Military Told Me He Was NOT Celebrating the 4th of July Because He's EMBARRASSED to Be American.  That Makes Me Sad.  

We Need a Good Pro America Public Relations Campaign (NOT LED BY SAL RUSSO).  One Geared Toward Mending Fences....  

In Reference to the 80's  I'd Like to Think My Tiny Role Was a Positive One....Even Though the Technical Reasons Were Recently Proven to Me to Be "Not the Best" I Still MUST Believe in My Heart My Efforts Did Some Good..... I Want to Make Those That Served in Afghanistan Understand That They Too Made a Positive Difference.  

Americans Deserve the TRUTH... It's time (a non-election year) to tell the TRUTH about TWA, Lockerbie, & Why America Needs to "Get Along" with Egypt. 

OUT TROOPS DESERVE to have leaders they TRUST. The people that they serve right now their losing RESPECT for.... 

Maybe that is why so many "sexual" assaults? 

Maybe people are taking their frustrations out on others and sadly the suicide rate shows they do it to themselves too...  Lets make America PROUD- that starts with the TRUTH

Lessons Learned from Iran Contra...

"...The Iran-Contra Affairs can be seen through the lens of foreign policy. How should the U.S. relate to countries in Middle East and Central America? There are also enduring issues about ethics and our constitutional form of government. Through that lens, there are key questions about the duties of public officials, the justifications (if ever) for deception, and the significance of following orders. There are also important issues about the mechanisms for accountability in government, along with constitutional questions about the separation of powers...."  Brown University

The Nicaraguan civil war between the Sandinistas and the contras, coupled with Sandinista economic policy, contributed greatly to economic decline in Nicaragua.  The two sides signed a peace deal in 1987, and elections were held in 1990.  The Bush Administration, which had gradually ended aid to the contras, gave financial support to the political opposition.  Elections were held in 1990, and Violeta Chamorro, (Pedro Joaquín Chamorro’s widow) of the National Opposition Union (UNO), won the presidency.  She attempted to reverse many policies of the Sandinista regime and was successful in introducing free-market reforms, human rights protections, and democratization.  Animosity between former contras and Sandinistas was strong––and sometimes violent––through the mid-1990s; however, President Chamorro did make progress in national reconciliation. 

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