Friday, July 12, 2013

Critical Mass Read Sharyn Bovat's Blog AFTER She Shared Idea's to Carlos Tavares. One Was Bring Back Datsun to the ICRIB

I blogged OVER a year ago that I was the person that told Tavares to bring back the Datsun in 2010. I can PROVE it......  Still others probably had the "same thought" BUT at the time did they have the ear of a NISSAN board member.   I can give a list of a LOT of my "concepts" becoming reality and at some point an average person would say it's NOT a coincidence. At this point I don't give a "rats ass" about any NISSAN cars BUT I do car about getting RESPECT and I have "webstats" to show that NISSAN marketing vendors looked at my blog after I emailed Tavares about ideas.  Critical Mass plagiarized me. I can PROVE it - hey maybe they can hire me?

This was on in 2010.  I have webstats to PROVE that lots of people linked to NISSAN read it.  If it were NOT a "fresh" idea then so many would not have read it.

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