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Sharyn Bovat Told That Carlos Tavares Will Be Incoming CEO.... She Got a Text Saying Tavares Was Making Decisions for the Companies Future.... He Wants to Ensure the Company Has a High Quality Reputation... Bovat Has Said From Day 1 She Was a "Change Agent" and Mr. Mr Tavares Emailed Her "DIRECTLY" After She Proposed to Him a Black Op Deal Paying Her to Keep Blogging and Expose Problems.... During That Time a NISSAN Executive Brought Cars to Sharyn to PREVIEW... Some in Japan Wanted Her Opinion.This Was AFTER She Was Arrested.... 1 Year to the Day After the 1st Arrest Chris Haley of Vantec Called Her.... Watch the Slide Show and Hear a Voicemail..... Bovat Has Blogged for YEARS that Her Blogs Were a Tool for Change. A Person Met with Her at Starbucks in Summer of 2009 Talked to Her About Being a CATALYST for Change... The Corruption In Tennessee Was Destroying NISSAN and Bovat's Blog Has Been Used to Make NISSAN Executives MORE Ethical and to Stop Them From Discrimination...

The deal with Tavares is AFTER change happens I'm paid for my time....

I was told "change" has happened.... NISSAN is more ethical.... YET Mr. Tavares is NOT Chairman.
The deal is for "that" to happen.  OK.... Looks Like He'll Be CEO in 2014.  I'm gonna keep blogging UNTIL that happens...  I fight to win... and although I know I'm gonna win I have NOT been told that...   Lots of people know that I'm a change agent. Still I was bullied by unethical NISSAN execs. People linked to the CIA and the Tennessee courts.  I was bullied by Governor Bill Haslams' administration.. Guess they did not want me exposing the "corrupt" culture in Tennessee.

The Feds are "on to you" Tennessee .... Lets keep fighting.  I want my reputaion back!!!

Renault revived their prestigious Gordini badgein 2010, and have since used it on several special editions of their hot Clio RS and Twingo RS hatcbacks. However, these featured nothing more than cosmetic upgrades and a price hike, without any performance gains.
Now, according to PistonHeads, which recently had a chat with Renault boss Carlos Tavares, we can bring you more positive news about a change of attitude that took place in the meantime.

Below is an email that I sent to Tavares and the head of NISSAN Global HR. Mentioning "code names" Let's be serious a LOT of weird crap was going on at NISSAN for Carlost Tavares to keep communicating withe me AFTER I sent him that email. In fact in May 2009 I met with him for 3 hours. THAT made HR nervous.

------Original Message------
To: Greg Kelly
Sent: Apr 28, 2009 6:10 PM
oops Prime Minister was Carolin, General Thormann & Santa Stout. 
I was never good with code names.....
Everthing is back in the box.
Can't wait to hand over the contents.
Purchased a new laptop.
Time to move
Enjoy Your Week!
~Historic Emails~
Jeff Draper is/was in charge of IT security for the top NISSAN executives. He was sent to Mr. Tavares office after I started my blog to have my email address “removed” from the computer of Mr. Tavares. Mr. Tavares told him NOT to do it. After that happened I was told the Mr. Tavares took his computer with him at all times. After talking to Jeff I created an email address with the name Helen Marie Tavares as part of the address so “if” anyone at NISSAN IT says the address they would think it was a “relative”. When I got an email from Tavares at that address I knew that the blog was a definite GO!!! Mr. Tavares knew that I had done work for former government/political operatives. My blog NEVER would have lasted this long if I did not “check out”. 
On Jun 12, 2009, at 7:53 AM, sharyn bovat <> wrote:
OK.....people will think this is a Relative...The at&t store is working on getting me a phone with a 248 area code. if it works I'll get another with at 310. It seems like a virus is hitting my computer. coincidence? 
My hard copies are going in a safety box on Monday

Have a Great Day.... I'll text you when I get the new phone.
From: Jeffrey Draper <>
Date: Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 11:35 AM
Subject: Re: testing
To: sharyn bovat <>

Sounds good. Remember what ever you do, DON'T put anything on you website that references anything we discuss to prvent them from tiring it to me. Thanks ha a great weekend and good luck at the skating event.

Sent from my Mobile device
From: Jeffrey Draper <>
Date: Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 6:35 PM
Subject: Re:

Code? To shut down? Changed the privacy? Nervous? Why?

Sent from my Mobile device
On Jun 16, 2009, at 6:41 PM, Sharyn <> wrote:
Going after the whale...I sent a draft yesterday it's in new thoughtsSent from my iPhone

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thu, Jul 2, 2009 1:29 pm
Subject: message for bill
just thought I'd update you
I'm keeping my website. up until ct tells me to take it down.
Santa (Mark Stout)is not going to have a happy 4th... don't worry I would never put the "big ticket" items on my website (DOE Fraud) if I did then the press would have fun (I did put it up and the Press ignored the editor of the Tennessean had 'fun' ).
issue... rebates/kickbacks for insurance is not legal in tn.
there is a guy in murfreesboro that. gets lots of business.
NEW employees must use one of 3 providers. they say it to make sure
that the leased cars are insured. the rates of the other two make that
guy the best choice... still if the employee had the freedom to choose
an insurance provider they could save $$$. I asked my former GM
clients and even though they are encouraged to use GMAC insurance they
have the right to shop for the best price.
I've seem leases that are "over priced " and the landlords are an LLC
... when researching the owners of the LLC they were 2 men that
worked at different companies that had contracts with Nissan.
I have more.
ethically what I've seen is wrong. the comments I heard of
discrimination. are wrong. I love living in franklin.
my daughter is Chinese. the major employer in the community needs to
set an example of diversity. that is why I fighting!!!
change has to happen.

-----Original Message-----
From: sharynbovat <>
Sent: Thu, Jun 25, 2009 2:25 pm

Mr. Tavares,

Mr. Stout.....had no intention of helping me with my security problem. He threatened me with my references and it could have been over in Early March. He's the one that kept it going. He met with me a second time to give me a letter? The man interrogated me twice. He's the one that is pushing legal to sue me. I know that because a Nissan lawyer called me on my home number and Mr. Stout is the only person at Nissan to have ever done that. He crossed the line.

I just want to hear from someone at Nissan that this will have a conclusion?Thank you & 
Have A Great Day,

From: Stout, Mark [

Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 7:32 PM
To: Sharyn Willensky
Subject: RE: Sharyn Bovat Willensky
Thank you for your time today. It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for the follow up information. My sincere apology for the security issues described below and I will address accordingly. I will send you the letter and we can discuss.
To answer your question, if someone contacts NNA regarding you or your responsibilities, I will ensure those call are directed to me.

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