Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sam Stockard of the DNJ Do YOU Have a Conflict of Interest? if NOT Call Me and Tell Me HOW NISSAN is Gonna Pay Back ALL it's Debt. Seriously I'll STOP Blogging When Someone RESPECTS Me and the Taxpayers and Tells Us the TRUTH.

"...It’s no doubt Nissan is on the right road. Rutherford County is fortunate to be along for the ride...."  Sam Stockard of the DNJ 

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The below blurb about the IDB bond being used as collateral was removed from the web... along with other Gannett articles that mention the almost 6 Billion in debt that NISSAN has.  Literally one day they all started disappearing.. I believe it was "deliberate"  WHY would they remove them yet keep other "trivial" stuff up?  I've been told that YES!!! NISSAN North America will have to declare  bankruptcy at some point. NISSAN Motors holds NO Liability.  If I'm wrong someone tell me.  I will make clarifications...  615-944-7599.

Japan/USA:Nissan to restructure IDB abatement in wake of electric cars loan 

Nissan will restructure a land-lease and tax-abatement agreement with the Rutherford County Industrial Board to account for its expansion to build electric cars and batteries at the Smyrna factory, company representatives told the IDB Wednesday morning.

The auto manufacturer’s tax abatement agreement for 884 acres runs through 2022. A new contract will re-examine the ending date and acknowledge that the lease agreement will serve as collateral for a $1.6 billion loan from the U.S. Department of Energy, Nissan consulting attorney Tom Sherrard said. “We definitely want to talk about it in more detail,” Sherrard said. He appeared before the board with three Nissan representatives who work at the company’s North American headquarters in Franklin.


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