Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lew Smith of Mississippi Thank You for Your Sid Salter Response... I'm a Republican BUT Want the UAW and Cindy Estrada to Succeed at Unionizing NISSAN Due to the Inhumanity. The AFL CIO Has Found a Friend in This Voice of a Moderate. The Fact is the Taxpayer Can't Afford for NISSAN to NOT Be Union. Women are Discriminated Against and YES!!! Black People are Treated Like 2nd Class Citizens By Some NISSAN Exec's With the Good Ole Boy Mindset....

The issue is the "temps" .....

FYI I'm a Republican so that means technically don't believe in unions BUT was told (union perspective) that had their been a union Nissan management would not have wasted money on the leaf.  

Union Rational- The unions care about job creation and knowing the technology was outdated the issue would have been brought to light - earlier. That's their spin & I agree with some of it- still the article you sent me shows unions are not perfect.  

What intrigues me is the discrimination issues and unions I do believe Nissan's tactics are "out of line" and someone had to tell them to act ethically.  The political leaders in Tennessee and Mississippi won't do that.  

Too many of the NISSAN/Yates temps "still need food stamps" and still take government assistance. You can't raise a family of 4 on $11 an hour.  

The middle class is stuck with the bill and the "sad part" is their doing jobs the state of Mississippi and Tennessee spent a LOT of taxpayer money to get.  

What's the solution?  Union or stay on this path? I don't know.  

Hopefully in the future he will talk with some of the workers at Nissan and write of their thoughts about joining a union.
They’re the ones who will make the decision about unionization, a significant number apparently aren’t happy with the way they’re being treated by the Company.
It goes without saying that the best way to keep a union out of your workplace is to pay union scale, provide benefits equal to or exceeding what to a a union could provide and treat your workers with respect, all of which seem to be missing at the Nissan plant in Canton. Maybe that will change.
Lew Smith

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