Sunday, June 2, 2013

Carlos Ghosn Disses Tampons? Huh? Feminine Hygiene Products on Renaults Cars? Maybe Something is Lost in Translation? Maybe i Need to Do a BLOG in French? Ooh La La..... That's It......

the label "France" does not convince Carlos Ghosn. The boss of the Renault-Nissan Alliance said, Tuesday, May 28, he did not believe a tampon "made in France" on its vehicles would be "in terms of marketing", "very effective". View apparently shared a little, to see how bloom websites and books dedicated to those who want to buy and produce French.
100% made in France, The Made in France, France Madine, A Little Market, French My Purchases, etc.., Find consumer enthusiasm for local produce. At 100% made in France, created in 2009, visits have doubled since 2012. And some put on guard against the "Made in France washing", like the "Green Washing" a marketing process intended to give a picture of economic patriot without actually encourage local production.

Label Origin France, created in May 2011, is expected to tell the difference between the righteous and those industrial riding the wave. But Morgan Griffin, 100% Made in France, criteria does not go far enough.

The label "Origin France warranty" is not enough

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