Sunday, June 2, 2013

Email Sent to Treasury Lawyers in Hopes That Duke Energy Gets Audited & a Global Rich Clique is Exposed. New Source Connects Russian Oligarch to Formula 1.... We're Still Getting Details....More Soon

Treasury Elite…. PLEASE Help Electric Customers… AUDIT Duke Energy….About 10% of 5.5% of Duke Energy Rate/Tax increase taxes was used to payoff executive that "did not get along".. I was told Last Year Energy Whistleblower got 8 figures….Just to Stay Silent… NOW Average People Will Pay More… 

Reference Duke Energy.....I learned about the big executive payoff at a party hosted by **** ****************  almost a year ago and In June 2012  I blogged about issues with Duke/Progress before they were reported in the newspapers.  
Due to the timing of the Michael Misick court stuff I blogged the name of the person that tipped me off yesterday (he's an evil twisted human being who got away raping a woman).-   Her name is Fleur Stanbrook she's the daughter of a prominent EU lawyer named Clive Stanbrook who in 1989 was appointed to the Queens Court.   This was NOT confidential just "cocktail party" stuff..  She got a little tipsy so I took advantage of the situation and asked a bunch of questions.
Fleur told me TWICE that the Lockerbie story was quashed and she told me I was discussed at AP editor conference in Nashville last year. FYI- A lot of drug money is laundered through the Turks and Caicos and people from there like to read my blog.
From Fleur I learned WHY the Frist family wanted Obamacare & Why the Tisch family has offices in Nashville.  Their is this global rich clique... and the NISSAN CEO is connected. the problems in Tennessee are bipartisan & the Haslam family is the gatekeeper.
The fact that Michael Misick got out of a rape charge is really SICK!!  
PLEASE read the text from Fleur to me.  She's a good person who was always upset that evil people got away with stuff BUT Fleur had a fancy life so she does not complain.  When she saw me being abused she felt sorry for me evidently at one point she spoke up for humanity in the Turks and Caicos and was silenced.  
Later I learned/figured out that Fleur befriended last summer to get intelligence.... HELLO!!!  Do you people realize HOW MANY foreigners have come to Tennessee to "check me out"...  OMG!!!!  look at the blog stats.... Most of that stuff that got a lot of people interested in my website that had over 2,000,000 hits during a 18th month period and about 600,000 page views is NOW off the blog/website... I was tired of death threats.
 Then in December of 2012 the company that did my webstats was sold and they deleted ALL my stats. I think "that" was on purpose. Luckily I have IP addresses & stats that show Better Place, Solyndra, A123 read my blog on a regular basis.  I can show that people that tool large sums of Dept. of Energy money for projects that FAILED read my blog.  Fisker read my blog That needs to be investigated and I hope that James Comey does it.  

I'm tired of being a whistleblower and I really want to get a job and move on with my life.  Because of the "trumped up" charges I'm unemployable and I keep applying for jobs.   NISSAN hires expensive lawyers to fight me and I'm not greedy... all i asked for was 250K and that was to compensate me for 3 years of my life that they haveterrorized for.  I also want myreputation back.. Is that too much to ask for?  The discrimination was real... The EV is not a success and jobs are not created.  Why do they no just treat me with respect and settle.  Maybe they know I can't find a lawyer to help me and I'm struggling in the courts in Tennessee because NOBODY wants to "take on" the Haslam clique.  It' just sad!!!
Anyway the AP editors have quashed a LOT of stories and the Lockerbie profiteers in Tennessee have a "hub"....  

"The increase amounts to $178.7 million in new revenue for the utility. The new revenue includes about $31 million that Progress says is necessary to build a new gas-fired plant near Wilmington..."   Chris Bagley

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