Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Darrell Issa Is SLOW to Investigate Carlos Ghosn.... I Learned They Sit on a Board Together... It's CRONYISM... Someone Call the Government Oversight Chairman About the NISSAN Fraud... His Name is Darrell Issa

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Is Darrell Issa Corrupt? He Sits on a Board with NISSAN CEO and He Has NOT Aggressively Pursued Investigations. He Need to NOW Investigate Himself. 
Date: June 4, 2013 10:33:15 PM CDT
To:, Jonathan Collegio <>, Arthur Brooks <>, Amelia Chasse <>, Brandon Howell <>,, "" <>, "" <>, Blake Farmer <>, "" <>, "" <>, Mishelle Perkins <>, "" <>,, tn <>, Ken Marrero <>
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <>

Please someone tell Darrell Issa that I could NOT understand why he did NOT pounce at the NISSAN fraud.  They do business in IRAN.... Oops then I remembered the Sal Russo link... OMG!!!!

My life is HELL as a whistleblower and Darrell Issa has a "conflict of interest" with the NISSAN CEO. 

His "grandstanding" on certain issues makes him look like a heroe but maybe his goal is to waste time on topics that don't benifit him?  

The wasteful spending of taxpayer money is hurting the country.  Someone communicate to Mr. Issa his priority should be on protecting the taxpayers and stop fraud or he should resign.  

In August 2012 Congressional staffers could NOT figure out WHY the NISSAN story did not break...  Guess it's too much cronyism in BOTH parties. 

It's sad and the average taxpayers are suffering.


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