Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cindy Estrada. of the UAW: Here's Part of a Hand Written Document Given to Me from an Abused NISSAN Worker in Smyrna. Many Employees of NISSAN and Yates in Tennessee & Mississippi Have Asked Me to Help Them. One Says NISSAN Treats Him Like a Dog. Speaking of Pets I Saw a NISSAN Empolyee in the Cat Food Section of Walmart They Were Getting Food For Themselves.... They Needed PROTEIN. NISSAN ONLY Plays About 12 an Hour VIa Yates. I Was Told Some "Lines" Have 85% Yates. The Tennessean Reports FALSE Facts About How Many "Real" Employees At NISSAN THere Really Are. America Paid a LOT of Money for the Jobs and They're NOT Sustainable.

Cindy Estrada.... 

Wanna Hear Some Tapes of a Guy Being BULLIED By NISSAN. There Were Sent to Me BEFORE He Was Asked to Sign a Confidentiality.  Multiple workers from Tennessee and Mississippi reached out to me... They are "oppressed"... I'm a republican BUT I think the UAW could be the ONLY way for the these great people to get RESPECT....

Sharyn Bovat will be in DC the end of the month..... Looking for in intern.

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