Sunday, June 9, 2013

Britta Gross of GM & Diarmuid O’Connell of Tesla - Enjoying the EDTA Conference in DC? It's a Nice time to Be at the Capital.... Before it Gets Too Hot. Do YOU Want to Tell YOUR Members of Congress to Free John Kiriakou? While Your There.

EDTA Elite:  Please Discuss Issues of the Electric Car Charging... & WHY are they put in places that WILL NOT have the need.  The roll out was "sloppy"  I was told that NISSAN was part of a false flag & when the EV failed then America would be dependent on the Middle East for another generation.  

PLEASE America needs the EV to succeed.  America needs to become ENERGY Independent.  If YOU waste MONEY congress will NOT give you more...  That means NO MORE FRUITLESS EV projects.  ONLY taxpayer money on "innovative" EV's and technology.  Below describes "what" happened to me... IT mentions Bradley Manning and John Kiriakou.  America is Going through "growing pains" and it seems like the Dept. of Energy was "taken for a ride" by a Japanese car company. It's sad....  

OMG  Michael Vickers and Leon Panetta Leaked.

Are they gonna get prosecuted? 

If NOT the CIA looks like a cover up is happening.. Get Bradley Manning to "cut a deal" and plead to something and guarantee him TIME SERVED... If he goes to trial you could see a revolution... 90% of all people "under 30" think he's = to what grown up in the 70's thought of Mohammed Ali...  a hero.

"This whole thing, this trial, it all comes down to one simple equation. If you can be punished for making public a crime, then the government doing the punishing is itself criminal.
Manning, by whatever means, stumbled into a massive archive of evidence of state-sponsored murder and torture, and for whatever reason, he released it. The debate we should be having is over whether as a people we approve of the acts he uncovered that were being done in our names...."

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Lots of people in there 40's and 50's have no opinion BUT women find the abuse he got in jail appalling.  Women find Guantanamo appalling.  Women find that a dad (John Kiriakou) who spoke up for humanity jailed appalling.   

Putin is oppressing people and it seems like the CIA is doing the same.  

Granted I understand leaks are bad.  I'm the victim of NISSAN putting me in the comupter system as the #2 Security risk GLOBALLY and it was relayed to me that NISSAN executives told people ALL of the
world I was a "spy"... I was/am NOT a spy and what they did harmed me.  I was told that I can't travel to some countries for fear of death.   People might think I know more than I know- which I don't know but even so they will terrorize me to try to find out what I know that I know I don't know.  It's SCARY!!!

How come when I spoke to the DOJ guy he told me to sue NISSAN civil ally.  I want CRIMINAL investigations... I will share the information with ANY member of congress that will insist that investigations happen.   The courts in Tennessee have hindered the type of litigation that the DOJ told me to do. The ADA Terry Wood LIED in a affidavit to "protect" NISSAN .. Whose protecting me and whose protecting America?

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