Friday, June 7, 2013

Bill Krueger, Scott Becker Fred Diaz & Jose Munoz. When the People That Sent Me Death Threats Are Exposed Will You Fire Them?

Sharyn Bovat <>
To:,,,,,, lrennick@rutherfordchamber.organd 23 more…
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <>
Email Sent to Community Leaders in Sept 2011 Got NO Response…. Tennessee Chambers Matt Largen KNEW NISSAN Was Flushing Taxpayer Money Down the Toilet and Large STILL Promoted the Special Interest of the "Good Ole Boys" Linked to Haslam: He Got a BIG Payraise..…. After Sept. 2011 Email Sharyn Bovat Still Persecuted.  Bovat to Ask NEW FBI Director to Investigate and Criminally Prosecute Those in Tennessee That are Linked to the Bullying & Death Threats She Received. 

Tennessee Economic and Development Office:

NISSAN used taxpayer money given by the state of Tennessee to spend $25,000 on a porta potty....(a really "nice" one with marble)  Normally these lavish johns are used for VIP area's at a car show ... weekend events.  Yet this rental was for a very short event a speech by Carlos Ghosn and Gov. Bredesen.

Get this:  NISSAN Staffers did "test flushes" to make sure the toilets worked.  When I was told a bathroom was 100 yards away that made me mad.  2 sources told me about the expenditure.  If you go to you'll see the Voices from NISSAN page other stuff is on there. This bit of wasteful spending is a "drop in the bucket". 

???  Maybe you should have an "audit" of all the money the State gave NISSAN to relocated to Tennessee.  Might be interesting.  

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