Thursday, May 30, 2013

The NEW FBI Director Took On Martha Stewart and Will Be TOUGH on White Collar Criminals.... Scott Becker and Bill Krueger - The CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou Sounds Like He'd Be a Great Cell Mate. Orange Jumpsuits for Corrupt Stealers of Taxpayer Money Could Be 'In" Thank You Jesus!!!!

  1. James ComeyFBI Pick Took On Martha Stewart and Dick Cheney ... › News › Newsgram
    14 hours ago – Comey credits the word 'death' with inspiring his legal career.
  2. Obama to Pick James B. Comey to Lead F.B.I. -
    1 day ago – James B. Comey earned a reputation for independence after leading an internal revolt in the administration of George W. Bush over the legality ...
  3. James Comey As Next FBI Director? Obama To Pick Former George ...
    1 day ago – Former Justice Department official James Comey is expected to be nominated as President Barack Obama's next FBI Director, NPR and the ...
  4. Obama to name former Bush official James Comey as new FBI ... › World news › FBI
    10 hours ago – Comey served as deputy attorney general under George W Bush but supporters say he opposed wiretapping and waterboarding.

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