Friday, May 3, 2013

Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, Fred Diaz & Jose Munoz Ya'll Should Introduce Yourself's to the NEW Tennessean Publisher Laura Hollingsworth. She's Replacing the Person That Covered Up for Carlos Ghosn EV Fraud.... Don't Worry Carol Hudler is GOING Nowwhere She Got a Promotion To Work With Bob Dickey The Man that Oppresses Journalist.... It's Good That Oppression Happens - IF Reporters Were Able to Report the NISSAN Dept of Energy Fraud Then NOBODY Would Buy NISSAN & THe Feds Would Make You Pay Back the 1.4 Billion YOU Ripped Off From America... Have a Great Weekend!!!

Vanguard Elite PLEASE Encourage the NEW Publisher of the Tennessean Laura Hollingsworth to Meet with Sharyn Bovat (Me) Too Much corruption in Tennessee is happening and Gannett Needs to report stories that will make society healthy.... As Gannett's top shareholder you can make a difference.

Tonight I started a new blog to welcome the New Tennessean Publisher.  The future previous publisher Carol Hudler let me suffer 19+ months has been promoted by Bob Dickey the man who at Community Publishing for Gannett "Decides 'what' goes in the news".... There is NO Freedom of the press the journalist are OPPRESSED.  

Please Vanguard speak up for the masses.  Speak up for the people of Cleveland -The Tennessean is NOT telling the story of the Haslam corrupt cronyism. I've heard that Tennessean editors get "goodies" and I can prove that there's real MEAT to thost allegations.  I was told by a friend of Bill's that Jimmy Haslam hired Reid Weingarten because he NEEDED to and the Haslam's know that hiring a KNOWN white collar criminal lawyer makes them look guilty BUT they NEEDED the top white collar criminal lawyer... Maybe the Haslam's know that they need a White collar criminal lawyer because they ARE white collar criminals?  

Gannett is corrupt.  PLEASE insist on transparency.  Thank you.. Sharyn Bovat

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