Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, Erich Marx & Fred Diaz - When I Tell People That Stephen Preston (The CIA General Counsel that Scrubbed the Benghazi Talking Points) Is the Man That My EX Lawyer "Joked" About Being HIs Brother & a Man That My Ex Lawyer WIll NOT Sign an Affidavit Saying He's NOT Related To... When They Hear That They Know That the NISSAN CEO is Really Connected to Ex CIA from the NIXON Era That Were Involved with Lebanese Based Drug Trafficking. Tell David Reuter That Sharyn Bovat Deserves RESPECT. Also to That Person That Took My Photo. I Have a Witness and It's OK Still it's POLITE to Ask Before You Take Someones Pictures. Sir- I Hope You Got My Good Side:):)

This picture is of Sharyn at the American Consulate ... Many people in Tennessee say her story is "too bizarre" but when you look at Ryan Fogle ... - Cached

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