The issue is a human rights one. NISSAN uses a lot of temps that make about $10-12 an hour. Some at Yates that have been around a LONG time at NISSAN make up to $15. but these are NOT the $22+ an hour that NISSAN promised when getting the incentives. NISSAN and Yates then take MORE taxpayer money to train the employees that are underpaid. Many are not paid during the training. In Tennessee the State keeps fueling NISSAN/Yates with more money. They are NOT creating more jobs they are just replacing those that quit do to working conditions. Some people that were permanent NISSAN were bullied into leaving - Someone might want to investigate. I was told that those making hire wages are harassed into quitting so lower paid temps can replace them. A relative of a man in his late 30's was told he was" too old" to work at Yates/NISSAN. Black people are NOT encouraged for some jobs. For years I've spoken about discrimination against women that proved to be true. Women in management at NISSAN went from 20.9% in 2006 down to 10% in 2009 the year I whistle blew. It seem like NOBODY in the Tennessee government cares. Twice I spoke at the State Capital and NISSAN still gets to draw IDB bond money and take ECD incentives.

NISSAN HR is VERY secretive in how many Yates employees it has. An article by the Tennesseean that quoted NISSAN North America VP Susan Brennan (a lady that I met at the home of another NISSAN VP) ... Susan did NOT say how many and NISSAN refused to comment of percentage of Yates vs. NISSAN.

Many full time employees of NISSAN still need food stamps and are not being paid a wage that support the family. A woman who works at Cracker Barrel reached out to me because she was in her 50's and tired of having to work. Her husband was promised to become "permanent NISSAN" but that promise was stale at 3+ years. She said that NISSAN lied to her husband.

Yates employees do not have access to some benefits and some are abused. I have an audio tape of a Yates employee that was abused on the Smyrna line. When HR learned that he had made a secret tape they retaliated. When they learned he gave it to me he's NOW silent. That person who gave me info is a decent human being & he proved that bullying happens.

I'm a Republican who wants taxpayer money spent properly and as long as greedy companies feed at the government funded trough they should be forced to pay a sustainable wage and also to treat people with RESPECT. That means no more discrimination and having a voice of the work to speak out to management. If unions are the ONLY way for fairness to the worker and to the taxpayer that OK.

Over a year ago a union employee from NISSAN (West Coast) spoke to me about issues and said that their Union protected their jobs. He said the stories about how workers in TN and Mississippi are treated are true and after my encounter with the guys on "the line" I have to agree with him.

He said that a Union representative would have questioned NISSAN before taking the 1.4 BILLION dollar Dept. of Energy loan. He said that they would have uncovered that it was being built with technology from the 90's that was deemed a financial failure. They said a Union would have questioned an IDB bond being used as the collateral. He made it sound like the Union would have been a watchdog to the worker and the taxpayers. I do Agree with him on the worker issue. The other I think it was retrospect speak. Still once taxpayers digest that their hard earned dollars were wasted by corporations and the middle class worker was abused then they might agree.....

My mind is open on the issue. My goal is to STOP discrimination & for the taxpayers to get RESPECT.
If the Union can provide that... then OK.

Sharyn Bovat