Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Carlos Ghosn is Linked to Christophe de Margerie & the Total Scandal Has JUST Begun. Carlos Tavares NEEDS to Take the Helm ..... STOP Dealing With Terrorist!!!

Two different sources confirm NISSAN CEO is linked to those connected to Iranian bribary scandal..
Carlos Ghosn is "just" as sleazy as Monsieur Christophe de Margerie.  Mr. Tavares it's time to "kick him in the butt and take his job.  Carlos Ghosn is an evil twisted human being that is linked to people that support Al Qaeda.

Iran selected as Renault's industrial agent in the Middle East

Payvand-6 hours ago
"Renault's activities in Iran will enter into a new phase based on which Iran will join international markets under international standards," he ...

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