Friday, April 19, 2013

Video of Sharyn Bovat on TN State TV During Live Testimony. Sharyn Twice at the Tennessee State Capital. She Described Discrimination and Fraud. Instead of Investigating the Issues the People in Tennessee Bullied Sharyn More. NISSAN Has 6 Billion in IDB Bond. 2 Billion is the Collateral for the NISSAN Leaf Loan. After Sharyn Testified the 2nd Time NISSAN Drew Down Another 37 Million in December 2011.

Bovat was told people connected to Governor Haslam were MORE worried about her than those connected to Governor Bredesen. Both are Corrupt and they belong to the "same" clique.

Judge Jeff Bivins was appointed to the Criminal Court of appeals. He was to uphold a conviction that "did not happen"  at the last minute the dirty judge was swapped out for a clean one.  Kurtz was ethical. Still MOST of my subpoenas were quashed by Robbie Beal and I was convicted of a 1st time low level misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket and had to pay the maximum fine.  $50.                                  

Yes!! 19+ months in the courts and a FULL jury trial.  A person was in the galley wearing NISSAN logo wear.  A member of the Jury knew the ADA Terry Wood from boy scouts or baseball.  I have the transcripts and will give them to a reporter that will do a story.  What happened to me was ABUSE and it's s still happening.  I want my reputation back.

Sharyn Bovat Will Keep Fighting Until She and the Taxpayers Get RESPECT

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