Monday, April 22, 2013

The Billions in IDB Debt is REAL

The Billions in IDB Debt is REAL - SEC fraud is happening

Gannett Pulls Articles About Bond Debt. Why? Oops. They want America to be "dependent" on government. Does Gannet Want America to be a Socialized nation or do they want "certain" people to profit.

How did Carlos Ghosn SAVE Nissan in th early 2000's. ?

Yes many employees worked their butts off for no extra pay during the NRP BUT what SAVED Nissan was the Refinance of the debt. 

Ghosn promised to move the HQ to Tennessee to "make that happen" 

Ghosn basically created are a form of a Derivatives problem: a professional said bonds Nissan had TN governments 
issue are "most likely" will be classified As JUNK (NOT junk yet but the will be- who will get hurt is the "average" 
401k owner who did not have insider information)....  

Look at this Gracia Martore the CEO of Gannett whose ignored the NISSAN fraud is getting 
a 46 Million something is "fishy.... Please investigate.

severance "if" she's fired.   Her

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