Friday, April 19, 2013

Plain Dealer Journalist Mark Naymik Gives Description On Corrupt Guidelines Used By Executives at the Haslam Company in Tennessee. FRAUD HAPPENED!!! Sharyn Bovat Heard Similar Tone to Describe NISSAN Leaf Buyers.... The Problem is NISSAN Leaf Buyers are Educated and Caught On to the Scam. Still the Tennessee Political Leaders and Courts Allowed for Whistleblower to Be Bullied. The Racism and Lack of Respect for People is REAL at NISSAN... It's a Culture of Conceit and Corruption.

Tennessee a Culture of Conceit & Corruption

Please read the quote and article about the Haslam FBI/IRS Issue:

"....The investigation, which was detailed in 150 pages of unsealed federal documents on Thursday, offers a disgusting look at one aspect of the company's culture. The documents, which are filled with recorded conversations between top sales managers, outline a fraud scheme to keep millions of dollars owed to customers as gas rebates. At the heart of the scheme, the documents show, was duping unsophisticated customers the company believed were too dumb to understand spread sheets or the rebate programs they signed up for..."    article from

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