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NISSAN Mississippi Bond Deal Will Take Jobs AWAY from Smyrna Tennessee. Bill Hagerty are you Going to Offer NISSAN MORE Free Money to Stay? I Heard The Jobs are NOT Worth ALL the Money Given... Still People Make a LOT of Money Processing the Bonds.... Kickbacks....etc... Tell Me If I'm Wrong. Scott Becker & Bill Krueger STOP Feeding From the Taxpayer Trough. Can NISSAN Afford to Pay Back the 6 Billion in IDB Debt it ALREADY Owe?

"...Nissan could have put jobs in Japan or Mexico or at its plant in Smyrna, Tenn., rather than in Mississippi...." a member  Mississippi State Legislature

Rep. Rita Martinson, R-Madison, urged House members to support the bill. She said Nissan could have put jobs in Japan or Mexico or at its plant in Smyrna, Tenn., rather than in Mississippi.

“Don’t vote against economic development of this sort,” Martinson said.

The House voted 72-45 to pass Senate Bill 2920. Senators passed it 51-0 on Wednesday.
Nissan and its contractors employ about 5,200 people at its Canton complex, which opened in 2003. Nissan plans to add another 400 employees as part of an expansion to make the Murano.
Mississippi has given $378 million of incentives to Nissan since 200

Better EV Batteries are gonna come from ASIA......  & NOT NISSAN Made

Renault switches to Korean LG cells

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 02-26-2013, 01:58 PM
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Renault switches to Korean LG cells

in French:

New switch in the endless series production of future Renault electric batteries. Carlos Tavares , the number two of the group, said Friday that the battery factory is not established as provided Flins (Yvelines), but also "France," a place that is "not determined".

This facility will be managed by Korea's LG Chem. Renault had indicated earlier this month its intention to partner with the company rather than its ally Nissan. This is bad news for the Flins site, which builds some of the Clio and manufacture the electric ZOE . Especially since Renault has announced the elimination of 300 jobs by 2014. The factory battery was made with Nissan to create, in its latest version, about 200 jobs.

The goal now is to produce a first and a second generation of batteries. A final agreement between Renault and LG but also include the CEA is expected in September. If the current job "was to lead to competitive second generation batteries, LG would make large investments in our country," said Carlos Tavares. The plant is also used for other European manufacturers. Recently, Renault considering a production of 18,000 batteries per year.

The plant would start in 2015 to the present generation. The beginning of the second generation are planned for 2017. The announcement comes two days after the announcement of the state support to the automobile, which focuses on electric cars .

The plant would manufacture of the modules, the base member of a battery, each made up of cells with electrodes. The production of these electrodes, the most sophisticated, is located in France for the second generation. Only problem, it does not tolerate vibration, which eliminates the Flins site, near a railway.

In 2009, the previous government announced with great fanfare that electric batteries are produced Flins, evoking 100,000 copies per year. The Strategic Investment Fund (FSI) would invest 125 million euros, Renault, while CEA was committed on 5 million. First twist, the ISP withdrew last summer. The start of production was shifted from 2012 to 2014. In the fall of 2011, new shift, the site will be managed by Nissan, and not by Renault.

Imports from Korea

The latest development marks a radical change in the strategy of the manufacturer of electric vehicles, a market that it wants to become the leader. In 2009, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault, estimated that the battery was a "strategic activity" for the group. Three years later, Carlos Tavares says that he will "dedicate its resources to make cars, rather than batteries."

In 2007, Carlos Ghosn, impressed by the success of Toyota hybrid vehicles, launching the Renault-Nissan electric. Nissan partners with NEC for batteries. According to a witness at the time, Carlos Tavares, Executive Vice President while Nissan does everything to launch an electric model, the Leaf, Renault before. Problem, this battery Nissan-NEC team who also Renault Kangoo and Fluence electric is less optimized than LG. Patrick Pélata, Renault's number two at the time, wants to LG for its batteries ZOE. But after the arrival of Carlos Tavares at the head of Renault in 2011, the project Flins is shifted in order to produce the second generation of Nissan batteries, intended to equip the ZOE term. Las. Carlos Tavares finally surrendered to the obvious: LG batteries are cheaper and they "lose less autonomy in duration than Nissan," says one expert group. In addition, LG "agrees to share his research with the CEA, while Japanese is closed on that point," says a source.
Renault provides this new scheme with the "production capacity and jobs provided" should be "scaled up". 'How to trust a direction that you sometimes announces a decision with the key jobs and some time after changes to the less substantial? "Responded Fabien strike, CGT. The batteries of the ZOE, whose real launch has been postponed to 2013, will initially imported from Korea.

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