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NISSAN Leaf Flops in Europe - Germany's Merkel Admits Mistake. EV Charging Project Stopped Due to FBI Investigation. Did Someone Tell the Feds About EV Fraud? :):) NISSAN North America Proudly Announces New VP Fred Diaz From Chrysler/Ram That Specializes in Gas Hog Heavy Trucks. Evidently Carlos Ghosn is No Longer Green He Wants to Sell Trucks That Destroy The Planet.... Please Someone Tell Al Gore... NISSAN is NOT Nice. Also Tell David Axelrod i Want to Work for His NEW Think Tank at University of Chicago. I'm a Free Market Thinker Whose Green.

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Electric Car Charging Project STOPPED in Chicago Due to FBI Investigation….
Date: April 13, 2013 3:21:44 PM CDT

You can't make this up..... it's TRUE.

Why does this not get covered by the mainstream media?

FYI- This summer I'm moving to Chicago and will live there until I get 
a permanent job. 

Glad I never bought a Leaf:):)


ELECTRIC CARS: Work grinds to a halt on Chicago’s plan to install 280 electric car charging stations; the company contracted to do the work is rumored to be the subject of an FBI investigation. (Chicago Tribune)

If anyone knows David Axelrod I sent an email to his new THINK TANK at Univesity of Chicago asking for a job. I sent a copy of my CIA IGO complaint as a "sample" of my work.  I'm a good researcher & can "smell fraud"....  

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Voice of a GOP Moderate & Former Cold War Researcher Sharyn Bovat Request Fellowship Position.
Date: April 12, 2013 1:04:02 PM CDT
Cc: Sharyn Bovat 


My name is Sharyn Bovat and I'm AKA the NISSAN Whistleblower.
Please read my resume.  I think my life of experiences will help educate
the next generation. Also I'd like to attend law school while working so this
opportunity is a "win win."

Thank you,

Sharyn Bovat

Soon people will know that 

NISSAN = Enron 

Now someone needs to tell the government about "free market" solutions to keeping the planet healthy.

Many developed countries provide lavish subsidies for electric cars: amounts up to $7,500 in the US, $8,500 in Canada, €9,000 ($11,700) in Belgium, and €6,000 even in cash-strapped Spain. Denmark offers the most lavish subsidy of all, exempting electric cars from the country’s marginal 180% registration tax on all other vehicles. For the world’s most popular electric car, the Nissan Leaf, this exemption is worth €63,000.  
Can someone explain HOW an exemption for a 32k car can be 63,000 Euros?

.......... In Germany, car sales totaled 3.2 million in 2011, but only 2,154 were electric.
The numbers have forced Obama and Merkel to reconcile their projections with reality. The US Department of Energy now expects only about 250,000 electric cars by 2015 – 0.1% of all cars on America’s roads. Merkel recently admitted that Germany will not get anywhere near one million electric cars by 2020.

Read more at 

Slow selling European electric cars ending up in rental fleets

The Detroit News (blog)-Apr 12, 2013
Electric cars may use cutting-edge technology, but sales in Europe so far reveal that manufacturers of these new fangled machines are relying ...

Mr. Diaz helped shepherd the spinoff of Ram into a separate brand from Dodge and oversaw the launch of the 2013 Ram 1500 pickup...
Mr. Ghosn also said that Nissan intends to stay in the large pickup market and plans to develop a new generation Titan pickup. The large pickup segment "is the tenth-biggest segment in the world," Mr. Ghosn said. "We think we can expand. I consider it an opportunity."

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