Monday, April 29, 2013

It Feels Good to Finally Expose the People that are Harming Society. It's NOT the Republicans or the Democrats... It's Just the New World Order....Creepy Types. A Little Clique of Nixon Remnants.... Some Did Well for Reagan BUT President Bush (H) Didn't Want Anything to Do with Them. Carlos Ghosn's Daddy Got Him Connected... Someone Should Talk to Mr. Ghosn About CIA Drug Trafficking- the Lockerbie Crash and 9-11. Lets Give the NISSAN CEO an Orange Jumpsuit and Put Him in the Pen with the Governor..... It's BiPartisan in Needs to Be Exposed....

I know I'm not crazy.. I was deemed sane to stand trial & represent myself for a 1st time misdemeanor... 
a FULL jury trial .... one that cost the taxpayers a lot of money.   Judge Kurtz a decent man deemed me sane.   Also if I was crazy would I have been invited to a cocktail party where they had people that served on the 9-11 Commission?   I think not.  The fact is people connected to Al Qaeda live in Tennessee and the government protects them.  For that we need to thank Governor Haslam.

Everyone locally knows that NISSAN is linked to terrorism....

I guess Tennessee accepts it because the Governor is too?


Kim Helper
(the Williamson County DA) 

Michael Vickers CIA
Michael Vickers Dod

Stephen Preston CIA
(he's the top lawyer)

Google James Clapper
(top intel guy... look for the picture of the terrorist act next to Carlos Ghosn)


Joseph Martore Calibre
(He's a CEO of a DOD contractor and the husband of Gracia Martore the CEO of Gannett)


NISSAN execs
Scott Becker NISSAN
Bill Krueger NISSAN
Erich Marx NISSAN

Gannett execs... 

Larry Kramer Gannett
Bob Dickey Gannett
Kate Marymont Gannett
Jeremy Gaines Gannett
my friend Mark Silverman Gannett

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