Friday, April 19, 2013

"... I do not plan on submitting the transcript to the Court of Appeals to become part of the record..." NISSAN Contracted Lawyer in an Email to Sharyn Bovat

".. I do not plan on submitting the transcript to the Court of Appeals to become part of the record...."  NISSAN Lawyer.


NISSAN does NOT want to let the Court of Appeals have a copy of the transcript. 

They say they don't have to provide it because it was a "summary judgement based on a motion"...  which it legally was - (I guess) EXCEPT it was a big decision and the judge based his decision on the case due to the facts provided during the motion hearing so NOW I have to figure out how to get the transcripts as part of the record at the Court of Appeals.  

People LIED!!!

The fact is NISSAN is "hiding something"  I believe the law firm they hired Baker Donelson is VERY reputable the lawyer has been nothing but professional and maybe when I finish law school they will hire me? 

Every firm needs a good lawyer that specializes in Whistleblowers.  By the time I "get into" law school and get a degree I should have MORE  actual court room time under my belt that many practicing lawyers.  FYI- After reading the CNN article about Benghazi and the whistleblowers I have a STRONG desire to work to help DOD whistleblowers out in the future.  

Darrell Issa thank you for supporting those brave men and woman that served America in Libya. Every American deserves RESPECT and I hope the members of congress can hear what they have to say. 

  1. Republicans say 'whistleblowers' with evidence on Benghazi attack ...

    CNN (blog)-Apr 17, 2013
    ... of the Legal Adviser at the U.S. State Department; Stephen Preston... The sensitive nature of the work these State Department, CIA, and ...

Again I can't be a lawyer for anyone else until I go to law school. Maybe "if" David Axelrod gives the job  I emailed his think tank about at the University of Chicago I will be able to work and go to Law school at the same time?  

Lets face it Mr. Axelrod's group is described as "bipartisan" but the reality is they just need GOP window dressing and I'm OK with that - time to study:):)

When you read the below statement you'll see I"m FAR from being a professional lawyer STILL I must defend myself UNTIL facts in the case are "clear".... If the issue of me telling Kline Preston about the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn whose from Lebanon was connected to ex CIA that were involved with DRUG TRAFFICKING during the Iran Contra era and that I told Kline that Iran was responsible for the crash of Pan Am Flight 103 in 2010 and he let the malicious prosecution happen then in my oral argument that will be made.   If that happens I need a lawyer with a bit of National Security experience.  

IF I focus the appeal on ALL my constitutional rights that were abused then I believe I have found a lawyer in Tennessee that will "kick butt"....

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