Saturday, April 20, 2013

Carlos Tavares Told Whistleblower that NISSAN's Move to Tennessee Was Destroying the Company..... Sharyn Bovat WIll Swear Out Affidavit Stating This and OTHER Facts

"The former NISSAN board member (President of Nissan North America) Carlos Tavares told me that the move to Tennessee was DESTROYING the company. (Bovat insist and says she will take a lie detector). Mr. Tavares told me this as we were headed to Two Danes Furniture on White Bridge Road to look at contemporary furniture. ..."   Sharyn Bovat 

Check out the Affidavit for the HASLAM Family Corruption.....
"Hey, this is a game," Freeman said, according to recordings made by an FBI informant. "We're playin' (expletive) poker with funny money, and its liar's poker with funny money."

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