Thursday, April 25, 2013

Abused Women in Tennessee Have Reached Out to Sharyn Bovat - They Understand That They Were Bullied By People Connected to NISSAN Executives. One Gave Me Transcripts That Show Racist Language INCLUDING the Word Nigger & He Called Her a Yankee. Maybe Those that Live in the North Should NOT Buy NISSAN? ONLY If People Say Racism & Abuse Is NOT Acceptable BY Boycotting Will Humanity Happen

This Good Ole Boy Connected to NISSAN Executives and Uses Comdata did NOT want his child living in Michigan for "fear" she'd marry a nigger.  It's DISGUSTING!!!!

The Good Ole Boy that's a racist ALSO cheats on his taxes.  I got copies of his "books".... OMG

Also I sent Treasury lawyers an email because MONEY LAUNDERING is "quite possible".

This guy has threatened this woman's life ...

This woman has been abused in the Tennessee courts.

I connected the money laundering to FREEDOMWORKS, the Tea Party & right wing extremist connected to Senator Jack Johnson & Governor Haslam....  This guy is a member of the Good Ole Boy network = to the Southern Mafia. 

God Bless Tennessee and Get Me OUT of this state!!!

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