Friday, March 1, 2013

"You Can't Win A War Without a Trip to Omaha Beach..." ****

I Get It!!!

Ya'll I got a voicemail from a person known in the intelligence community.  I had Silverman listen to it a little over 2 weeks ago.

I UNDERSTAND that people gave me information because they wanted the truth told.

To be candid I do not know what the Lockerbie truth is BUT I know that Carlos Ghosn knows.

That voicemail gives me "credibility" it's a voice from the past & it mentions KOREA.

America is a great county and I love my county.  Someday I hope the American executives at NISSAN that have "ripped off" America realize that there's more to life than following "blindly"... When eyes are open they see the lack of humanity.  Look in the mirror Becker and Krueger.... the reflection is NOT pretty.  Respect America and those that fought for it and INSIST on working for a company that RESPECTS ALL PEOPLE...  Just a thought.  Have a Great Weekend!   Sharyn

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