Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sharyn Bovat Knows the EV Market is Crumbling in the USA.... Too Much Fraud. Person Connected to Member of Congress Confirmed that Investigations are Happening. Why are They So Slow?

Al Gore Was Lied to By EV Car Makers He "Thought" The Technology Was Better Than Told. Carlos Ghosn and Nicolas Sarkozy Knew the Fraud is Real They Let Gore Be the EV Pitchman.  Qatar Prince Made a Bundle - Goal for America to Remain Dependent on Middle East Oil.

It' was relayed to me that "most likely" my ex- lawyer did NOT say on court documents that I was crazy for "ranting" that Al Gore read my blog and that he wanted to date me.  Last night I was told "he didn't do it because it's TRUE".....  Kline Preston seemed comfortable about humiliating me with my personal life so "why not the issue of Al Gore too?"

After having it "verified" Al Gore was taken advantage of  by Sarkozy and the Euro Elite I do NOT want to embarrass the former VP.

This gets weirder - I was told it was built due to my "whining" that NISSAN made ugly cars to Carlos Tavares this concept car was made. NOBODY has said I was crazy for putting that on my blog too. 
  1. The 2011 Nissan Ellure concept made its world debut at the LA auto show on November 17th 2010.Marketed for women in their 30’s and 40’s who have are sophisticated and rebellious.

Carlos Tavares did NOT know that the technology was "outdated" and expected better.  Once I PROVED that the NISSAN battery was "crap" he is one that INSISTED on pulling the plug of the Portugal EV Battery plant.  Mr. Tavares loves his homeland and did not want the Portuguese economy to suffer any more.  It's sad.

  1. Nissan halts battery plant project in Portugal | Reuters
    Dec 13, 2011 – LISBON (Reuters) - Nissan Motor has decided to suspend a 156 million euro ( $206 million) plant project in debt-laden Portugal, which had ..

However, he has put it on hold in recent weeks because he sees an opportunity to return to politics following the rapid decline in the polls of President François Hollande, who defeated him in May, two people familiar with Mr Sarkozy’s thinking said. “The Qataris are taking an option on the next president of France,” a third person with knowledge of the venture said.

He was as good as his word, going straight into action at the G8 summit in Germany just a few weeks later. He joined the host, Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Britain’s then-Prime Minister Tony Blair in mounting a three-pronged attack on George W. Bush to get him to shift ground before vital negotiations in Bali the following winter.

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