Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nissan’s José Muñoz Tell Me How Much Does Each NISSAN Leaf Cost to Manufacture.I've Been Told It's a LOT More Than What YOU Sell Them For. Tell Jon Brancheau to RESPECT The Whistleblower OR NISSAN Come Clean WIth HOW MUCH the Car Cost. How Long Can NISSAN Afford to Subsidize Leafs. The TRUE Lease Price Should Be Close to $600. That's With NO Taxpayer Subsidies. America Can't Afford to Subsidize Each Car 66%. If I'm Wrong Tell Me the TRUE #'s. Tell America the True #'s.

 Nissan’s José Muñoz, It's great you sold so many it's just that is NOT sustainable.

What was the NEW 500,000,000 in bond sales for.... gonna subsidize the cars for another 3 years?

Whats' the 100,000,000 in bonds you want from Mississippi for?

DOn't you get tired of getting "new credit cards"....

Have you CFO tell the TRUTH about bond debt.  Show America HOW you will pay your bills.

I got an email from a viewer.... telling me he knew NISSAN was corrupt. A LOT of people know the Euro Elite is taking advantage of America.

Amazing what simply lowering the entry level price by a mere $6,400 can do for sales.  The 2013 Nissan LEAF now starts at $28,800, with nationally advertised leases starting at $199/month

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