Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lamar Alexander & Phil Bredesen. I Hear YOUR the TWO That Had a Reason to Have Me Muzzled. BOTH of YOU Belong in Orange Jumpsuits. NISSAN Leaf Sourced in Japan. Sharyn's Source Told Her it Would Be a "Kit".... Rumor on the Web is NISSAN Batteries and Powertrain are STILL Coming From Japan. Hey Carlos Ghosn Where Did the American Tax-dollars Go?

Comments from My NISSAN Leaf Forum

I know that Nissan intends to assemble the electric motors here in the US, but, based on the sticker on a 2013 that I saw today-- the motor and transmission are still sourced from Japan. And the percentage of US content is low, so I would suspect the battery production is not online yet, either.

Re: the motor, that's surprising given published October 23, 2012.

Re: the batteries, that'd be surprising given ... tennessee/ from December 2012 and other stories from around that time.

I was told the NISSAN Leaf was "destined to FAIL"  it was an "image car".... Brian Carolin LIED to America.  Jose Munoz is that OK with you?

I've got GREAR sources and know NISSAN "scammed" America.  Why does NOBODY care?   Too many people "feeding from the trough?

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