Saturday, March 16, 2013

Discrimination Happened at NISSAN - I Spoke Up in 2009 and I'm STILL Speaking Up for the Disenfranchised in the World..... Danny Glover Thank You for Listening. The United Nations Did Too. NOW When Will the GOP Listen to the Voice of the Demographic They Need to Win in 2016?

Along a nearby row of stalls for media outlets including NRA News, The Tea Party News Network and Tea-vangelical Talk Radio, a woman called Sharyn Bovat was having difficulty handing out cards for her website,, which she is using to try to attract women to the GOP.

Near where she stood a stall was selling The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War. The book explains how the South maintained ''moral high ground'' throughout the war, that the South's leaders expected slavery to die out and that racism was perceived by some to be worse in the north than in the slave states.

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I found out from America's Greatest editor that Carlos Ghosn had the SLEAZiEST reputation in the auto industry: He said Ghosn was 
worse than the Lebanese guy that ran FORD. OMG!!! 

Obama's Car Czar wanted to make Carlos Ghosn CEO of GM: didnt he look at the stats. Ghosn had led a company that reduced women from 20.9% in 2006. To 10% in 2009. The year I whistle blew.

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