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Rob Trayham Made Fun of My PTSD in Court. It's Real and I Blame Hezbollah for Having It. The NISSAN CEO Supports Hezbollah (Unless He'd Like to PUBLICLY Denounce Them NOW)... I Believe (Know) He Does Deals WIth Them

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Carlos Ghosn's Hezbollah Ties MUST Be Questioned By Congress & Sarkozy Cheerleader Alain Juppe Will Know About the Lockerbie Cover Up…. Ask Him. Rehashing the French/Michelin Iran Contra Connection. A Copy of an Email About Strauss Kahn Doing Illicit Gold Trades With Bars from PIIGS Countries.
Date: February 20, 2013 12:16:31 PM CST
To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Anita Househam <>,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jonathan Collegio <>, Amelia Chasse <>, Brandon Howell <>, Arthur Brooks <>,, Patrick Hynes <>,, info Nuclear Iran <>,,,
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <>, "" <>


I'm just waiting for the Lockerbie Truth.  Does anyone have a timeframe?

Just got some info tying Iberdrola to the Lockerbie "profiteers"....  

The people that profited from the Lockerbie cover up are connected to Post WW2 activities. There are MANY layers of involvement, so I'm saying that many involved with the cover up were being patriotic or doing what they were told to do.  I STRONGLY believe that the NISSAN CEO whose from Lebanon and whose dad played a role in Operation Condor and who had CIA at his company Michelin in Brazil in 1985-1986 will know EXACTLY who bombe the plane.  I was told 'you could NOT do a cover up of the magnitude UNLESS you knew ALL the details..'  

I've been terrorized for over 3 years.  It's important that what happened to me does NOT happen to anyone else THAT is why the truth needs to be exposed. Had NISSAN not "outed me" I never would be emailing you and I must do so because I'm scared.  People that knew about the Lockerbie cover up disappeared.  I have a child and want to see her grow up.  Sadly those that had children on Pan Am flight 103 NEVER got that opportunity.

Mr. Ghosn currently owns a winery in the Bekka Vally the fact is Lebanon is very "cliquey" and to be a success you have to support Hezbollah.  Can someone INVESTIGATE?

Sharyn Bovat

"As the Bekaa valley is now firmly in the hands of Hezbollah and beyond the control of the weakening central government of the besieged Lebanese State, the news agencies who report on that part of the world are curiously silent about what many people do in the Bekaa valley to make a living, who profits from these activities and where do the profits go..."

Hezbollah - Terrorist Organization Profile - START - National ...

Hezbollah was founded in 1982 in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley by Shia clergyman educated in Iran, and it subsumed a number of Lebanese Islamic groups.

NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn (a 2nd generation Condor Profiteer) who "most likely" assisted the CIA in the 80's in covert activities is NOW exposed.  This happened because his people in America  outed me.  
They made the "relocation consultant" the # 2 Security Risk & have TERRORIZED me for OVER 3 years.... I've had death threats, been stalked and have been jailed on trumped up charges..   I'm fighting back.   

Nissan Whistleblower: Ghosn's Global Green Crony Condor Capitalist

Jul 8, 2012 – Many Latin America Condor Profiteers are connected to the former ...bankers that are connected to post Operation Condor regime elitist are evil twisted people . ... The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn (a 2nd generation Condor ...

Here's a snap shot of part of an email from a member of the global intelligence community

 the below excerpt from the UK Independent 

The trouble with Sarkozy: a powerful group want him back, but is he ...

The Independent-Feb 19, 2013
A solemn attempt will be made in Paris to raise from the dead the fallen champion of the French right. The “friends of Nicolas Sarkozy” – a club ...

copy of a text message between me and former top editor of Gannett Mark Silverman.


He proofed these brochures that I sent to congress 
saying IRAN was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.

Pierre Loing will know Carlos Ghosn's Iran Contra involvement... Ask Him.

Picture of  Sharyn with NISSAN executives and copy of court transcript saying I was a high level security risk.
NISSAN put my name is the cyber system as a high level threat. By doing that they outed me GLOBALLY

Because they are known as a CIA cover company.... I was terrified.  What they did was morally wrong!

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