Monday, February 18, 2013

James Clapper...Carlos Ghosn is in the Same Cartel as/was Sarkozy- Blair- Gaddafi- Mubarak - Bloomberg and Others. ALL I Want is the Lockerbie TRUTH and to Get My Life Back. The Corrupt People Can "Continue" if That's What YOU Want. I Don't Get it. I "Thought" the Truth Mattered. I Thought Ethics Mattered. Still the Corrupt People in Business Still Profiteer and the Lockerbie Truth is NOT Exposed. Gaddafi Was a Brutal Tyrant. It's OK We Whacked Him. Don't Feel Compelled to Keep the Lies Going. It's Time for the TRUTH. Selfish Creepy Pepole That Profited Post WW2 Have Destroyed the World. Humanity is NOW at the Lowest Point Ever, We MUST Have America Lead in the Clean Up. Our High Values Must Be Shown to the World. This is IMPORTANT

Published on Feb 18, 2013
The NISSAN Whistleblower tells Carlos Tavares She wants her reputation back. Sharyn wants to go back to work. She's stressed.. The NISSAN CEO Carlo Ghosn is connected to people linked to Sarkozy, Gaddafi & others linked to ex CIA that did weapons & drug deals. Carlos Ghosn is connected to Iran Contra from his Michelin day. Carlos Tavares knew that Sharyn came from a family connected to the Intelligence community. It was relayed to Sharyn that 3 men accused of being spies were "framed" Sharyn blogged and emailed the French consulate until they were vindicated. Then Sharyn heard that Strauss Kahn was framed. Knowing that Carlos Ghosn is connected to the Lockerbie cover up Bovat knew she was in "over her head" Sharyn is TERRIFIED. 

Recently Sharyn learned her lawyer who let "trumped up" charges sworn out by NISSAN executives continue was connected to the CIA she was horrified. Bovat's constitutional rights were taken away.

Tennessee is # 1 in corruption.
. Sharyn wants to leave the state that has allowed her to be terrorized. Judges Robbie Beal, Jeff Bivins & TIm Easter have aided a company that is on the Iran watch list and is known for aiding a terrorist nation. 

Yes!!! Nissan helps Khomeini - the taxpayers have funded a country that is trying to kill out troops.  In the courts people connected to the KKK get better treatment than Sharyn Bovat whose done NOTHING but tell the truth - besides fighting in the Cold War and saving the French- from oddly "the French"  It's beyond "twisted" and sadly it's true.

Upon learning that Tavares was related to Socrates Sharyn feels betrayed and wants Carlos Tavares to "tell NISSAN to give her back her reputation" Sharyn saved the lives of three French men that were falsely accused. NOW Sharyn wants those men to prove they have balls and INSIST that the woman that sacrificed for them get the same fair treatment,

One more thing the IRAN is ALSO responsible for the Lockerbie bombing Carlos Ghosn will know the details. Michale Bloomberg knows that a cover up happened. Sarkozy knows a cover up happened, Tony Blair knows a cover up happened, Clive Stanbrook knows that a cover up happened and I'm sure Jose Socrates knows that a cover up happened.
Why does did the American Treasury back a company that "fuels" terrorism?

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