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Did Sarkozy Really Know in 2008-2009 That ALL the Subsidized Diesels Were Causing Cancer... OMG!!! It's Horrible... That is Why the Desperate Need for the EV... WHy Not Tell the People The Truth?

France levies a tax of 43 euro cents per liter on diesel and 61 cents on petrol, according to industry data for 2011, leading to a similar difference in prices at the pump.
The country’s main automakers, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Renault are among the most reliant on diesel sales in their home market and the rest of Europe, analysts say.
Peugeot said it was still waiting for a full copy of the WHO findings before responding. Since 2010, all its vehicles have been equipped with filters that leave no detectable trace of cancer-causing particles or benzopyrene molecules in their exhaust, spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mounier said.
Renault declined to comment, but other automakers and industry bodies have attacked the findings.

Even worse officials from Sarkozy’s administration (the French government) set up America to take the financial "hit" for the EV.  Knowing NISSAN could NOT pay back the money The fact is gas is almost 10 a gallon in France & the emission coming out of the diesel cars has created a lot of CANCER.  I was giving some evidence the government desperately wants to wean the county "off" of diesel and is hiding the cancer statistics from the people.  It gets worse.... The Obama administration did let a company that does business with IRAN get all the money. KNOWING they would share the technology.  The State Dept. approved the Treasury doing the guarantee (using an American taxpayer backed bond) was not worried BECAUSE they knew the technology was "outdated" ... they you have to ask WHY give NISSAN the money for a car to be built with technology from the 90's....   

  1. Renault prepared for staff suicides over spying scandal ... - France 24
    Oct 13, 2012 – More than a year after French carmaker Renault found itself embroiled in an industrial espionage scandal, new documents show that the ...
  2. BBC News - Renault spy scandal risks denting carmaker's reputation

    Mar 15, 2011 – The BBC's Hugh Schofield considers the damage to Renault by the false accusations of spying levelled against three top executives.


My name is Sharyn Bovat, I'm also known as the NISSAN Whistleblower. I blog about fraud in reference to the NISSAN Leaf and about the "internal battle for control" going on at the Renault NISSAN Alliance. I got a lot of information while I worked for Carlos Tavares during his relocation. I knew that people in America wanted Hiroto Saikawa to become the next CEO and that man allowed for discrimination to happen. Women in management at NISSAN North America went from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% in 2009. The issues at NISSAN North America got worse when in 2009 with a major cash flow problem 1.4 Billion was taken from the American taxpayers to build a car with "outdated" technology. I was told the car would "fail" and NISSAN could not afford to pay back the loan. I spoke up and became a whistleblower. Because I did people connected to Carlos Ghosn have terrorized. I learned on the executive floor at NISSAN that Ghosn hired "ex Nixon CIA" he met from his Michelin days. He used them to "stay in control".

NOTICE the date on the article

Ghosn Claims to Have Evidence in Electric-Car Spying Case January 25, 2011
 “….Renault SA Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn stated that he has “multiple” proofs that some of the company’s executives were involved in the recent leaks of its business model about the electric vehicles currently in development. “We have certainties,” said Ghosn during a telecast on TF1 television….. Unfortunately, because of this spying case, Renault will be forced to delay the launch of three electric vehicles that they had planned on releasing sometime this year.”

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Recently I posted a receipt showing I purchased the domain "Freedom for the Renault Three" On January 13th 2011 the same day they were accused. Then I contacted the French Consulate in Atlanta and San Francisco and many reporters. Including David Pearson of the Wall Street Journal & others. 

The men were being set up to take the fall for the "failed EV". . Just today I got a strange email from Renault. I'm going to forward that to the American legal community. Lots of taxpyayer money was wasted to build an electric car with the technology from the 90's. The Renault NISSAN alliance used technology from the C.A.R.B. days. my source that gave me the information BEFORE the executives were accused believes that since a limited amount of people knew this the men were blamed. Then they wanted to blame the "failed" EV on the Chinese saying they stole the technology. Who would steal "outdated" technology? 

I was told it could lead to MAJOR diplomatic problems GLOBALLY & the men had to be vindicated. luckily the blogging worked. 

FYI One of the alleged French spies lived in Tennessee for a while and the other two are connected to people that I knew via my former work as a relocation consultant used for NISSAN highest level executives. 

You will see on the link that I started a blog to "free" them from the allegation 12 days BEFORE Carlos Ghosn when on TV saying he had "multiple proofs" the fact is someone connected to the international intelligence community told me that the "proof" had not yet been manufactured and their was an limited opportunity to save the lives of the three French men. 

I'm NOW mad at the French for a person connected to the French intelligence verified I was the person that was "correct" and still the French allowed for "me" to be viciously bullied and slandered by NISSAN executives.

Please communicate that Renault and NISSAN have been mismanaged. 

Thank you

Sharyn Bovat

NISSAN executive Jon Brancheau "dodged" a subpoena. Sharyn was not able to defend herself in court the way the American 
constitution allows.

 Did those judge make me a "mini" Megrahi....  I really thought he was guilty of "something"... Now I question the motives of the cover up.... It's time for the TRUTH.

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