Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chris Paine is Painfully WRONG About NISSAN They Did NOT Invest 6 Billion in the Leaf. A LOT of That Money is in "Off Shore" Accounts. Fancy Consultants Were Paid to Do Very Little. SOMEONE Investigate. NISSAN Used "Outdated" Technology.

Chris Paine,
If you want the EV to succeed you'll want the "seamsters" OUT of the industry.
Sharyn Bovat

"Nissan's no-nonsense CEO, Carlos Ghosn, invested $6bn to develop the Leaf, making it the world's bestselling electric car in 2012. And the start-up Tesla's Model S made headlines as Motortrend's car of the year for 2013. Charging stations will bring even more players to the game...."

Someone do an AUDIT!

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