Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sharyn Bovat Told By Man Who Worked With Leaf - BUT Would NOT Let Her Drive One That Hydrogen is the Way to Go.... New Deal with Ford and Daimler Might Be Good... NISSAN Should Get NO New Taxpayer Money UNTIL They Have Repayment Plan on the 1.4 Billion DOE Loan That Was Backed By Treasury & NO Money If They Do Business with IRAN

Hydrogen cars have good range - clean energy. 

NOW NISSAN is into Hydrogen cars...... One guy that worked with the Leaf technology told me hydrogen was the "way to go" for zero emissions.  The refueling centers are expensive.  He said if Obama didn't was so much money on "price" chargers on BETA technology then America could have been a LOT healthier .... At least it looks like FINALLY the DOE is listening..

Daimler Plans Joint Fuel-Cell Project With Nissan, Ford

Bloomberg-Jan 28, 2013
(F) added Nissan Motor Co. as a partner in developing fuel cells for electric cars, which the manufacturers plan to start selling in 2017.

    Just Yesterday on one blog.... Why do people in Kazakhstan care about the CORRUPT courts in Tennessee?

"We must question the strategy of Renault and CEO [...]. Carlos Ghosn is almost inaccessible, nobody sees, nobody meeting [...]. It is paid seven times more than the CEO of Toyota. "Laurent Berger, head of the CFDT, probably did not foresee would have echoed his remarks Monday on RTL. Unusual, challenged personal Renault boss was not involuntary. The union had already published a book in June, "Renault in danger," denouncing the industrial strategy of Carlos Ghosn. The preface to François Chérèque taclait himself a "management style focused on lowering costs and obsessed with managing the short term." According to the CFDT, the boss of Renault-Nissan is one of the few business leaders that the former secretary general has never met, despite his requests during his ten years in office.

ÉCONOMIE L'État demande à Carlos Ghosn de baisser son salaire

Le Dauphiné Libéré-9 hours ago
Le salaire de Carlos Ghosn, PDG de Renault, est dans le viseur du gouvernement. L'État lui réclame un “effort de décence”, alors que le ...

Salary Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault, in the viewfinder of government. The State calls him a "decent effort", while the manufacturer now finds its unions for negotiations on an agreement under voltage competitiveness.

CEO touched on the year nearly 13 million euros (9.92 million and 2.79 million Nissan Renault).

The Economy Minister Pierre Moscovici asked him yesterday to moderate wages. "The state as shareholder, is attentive to the remuneration of the chief executive, Carlos Ghosn," is he justified. A second call of the foot. Thursday, the Minister of Productive Recovery, Arnaud Montebourg, had estimated that it would "not unreasonable" to ask this effort.

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