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My Email to MarK SIlverman Including Email FROM Carlos Tavares February 2010 -----

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After this email  i received from Mr Tavares in  feb 2010 my life got somewhat easier
The deal I made with Tavares is that I was to be a "change agent".  I told him they make between 12.5-15k a month (so the rate 13,750)and he could pay me "after" change happened. I really "thought"  it would take a couple months.   My bad!!!!

in January 2010 I got my tax documents and The Nissan Good Ole Boys made my expenses taxable income.   I put things like Mr Tavares satellite dish washer dryer etc. On my Amex and got reimbursed STILL Nissan related it as income for me.  Issue was taken care of by Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn's office

*********** dad was mad when he saw the messed up 1099 ??.. documents he was getting pressure from people that wanted him to leave me penniless  (tennessee has bad rules for divorce)  I was told i going to lose everything and people believed the slandering the good ole boys did.   fYI- I moved out of the house in August 2009...  Nissans were circling the neighborhood just to intimidate me.   It was HORRIBLE!!!!

Ok out of respect for my future ex husband  He rightfully wanted to move on with his life YET something happened.... I call it the "clinton miracle" **************************

My daughter is a figure skater and it's an expensive sport. ***********************I could not work in Tennessee with HR not returning my reference calls. 

OK so after my emotional email  to Mr Tavares (below)  HE  emailed me ... the website continued:
The last spring after this email I communicated I'd keep going but I wanted to be in charge of diversity CSR and CQ  What I really want is to have control of philanthropy and make sure the money goes to real charities.  iF I get that job then I will have made my goal.  If Nissan does not want me I want to go back to school and get a phd so I can teach at a state/community college.   maybe taking a few years off to get a degree might be good after all this.  My 1 st choice is to work for Nissan/Renault ... Sounds crazy.   If I got the global CSR job I'd be one of the top women in the auto industry.   That would give me credibility to then teach later. 
(After that my ideas were put on the GLOBAL website) 
Also I could start Skirts Speak a non profit that mentors girls in the South.  I want to bring Nationally known women leaders to the south to inspire the next generation.  I've met too many high school girls who's only goal is to get married and own a SUV. When I ask why they say "that's what their moms did".  They known of no other life. OK.  Done for today!!!
Mr Tavares NEVER would have emailed me directly had "it" not been Important that I continue.

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Mr. Tavares,

It's been rough the last week.  It was the 1 year anniversary from  
when this puzzle pieces started floating in my head & I put the  
puzzle together :) :)       
What I really need is a message  
that I'm on the "right" track.   One that tells me I'll be OK.   



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