Thursday, January 17, 2013

Karl Rove WIll You Testify that My Strategy of Promoting Tavares as a Winner is One Connected to YOU? Come to Tennessee January 28th and I'll Buy You and Your WIfe Corky's :):) Sharyn Bovat Admits "I Did NOT Want Saikawa Taking Ghosn's Job Because He Would Have Let Discrimination Continue.

Sharyn Bovat told Carlos Tavares that the Good Ole Boys in Tennessee were backing Saikawa to replace Ghosn.  She told him she thought he'd do a better job. She did this because she was tired of DISCRIMINATION.

A Japanese leader would "let it continue" so using a strategy from a Karl Rove operative she made Tavares look like the winner in the global battle for succession...
In June 2010 several publications had articles about Tavares taking over.  

Sharyn Bovat sent Mr. Tavares a LOT of tips on how to sell the Leaf.  Because she heard that marketing was "not doing a good job on purpose"   She thought they did not want the Leaf to succeed because they did not Tavares as CEO.  Later Sharyn was told they did not want the Leaf to succeed because it really cost about 80K to manufacture.  

"Tavares' point: Technology evolves quickly and the battery-powered Leaf's 100-mile range and $32,500 price in 2011 are only starting points in its development.
He'd better make sure that it does. To leapfrog General Motors and Toyota (TM) and make itself the leader in zero-emission automobiles, Nissan is putting its corporate reputation on the line with the Leaf, and Tavares (ta-var-ES) is leading the drive in North America.
His success or failure will likely determine whether he succeeds Carlos Ghosn as CEO of Nissan, or of both Nissan and its corporate partner, Renault...."   from CNN

Sharyn was told by a NISSAN supporter of Tavares that Ghosn was going to blame the failed Leaf on Tavares.  She learned "that" is one reason WHY he went back to Paris to be the #2 at Renault.  Tavares has now determined that LG in Korea makes a better battery and the NISSAN Leaf battery made in the USA will NEVER be a success.  Even so the Tennesseean keeps doing "puff pieces"

NISSAN Good Ole Boys connected to Greg Kelly wanted Sharyn Bovat jailed because they were unethical Notice the date of the article....  it' will show that the "Good Ole Boys" had a motive to swear out a warrant against me.  I heard Terry Wood the Williamson County ADA has "NISSAN connections"  .....   

Good News for NISSAN - Mr. Tavares has proven to be a man that can "lead" a car company.  When he led the America's NISSAN's market share skyrocketed.  NOW it's sliding back down.  

Guess Bill Krueger is not doing as great of a job or the corrupt Good Ole Boys are letting their buddies take all the jobs and their back to letting go of those that are the most skilled.  They don't care about NISSAN's success ... people connected to Mark Stout & Marlin Chapman ONLY care about themselves.  Their racist too.

Anyway.... Tonights point is Sharyn Bovat has said from DAY 1 she was a "change" agent.  She said that when Carlos Tavares tells her to take it down the blogs she will.  Sharyn's CSR ideas were POSTED on the global website.   ONLY when she learned of the MASSIVE DOE fraud did she RANT about the sleaziness of Carlos Ghosn.  Sharyn KNEW Carlos Ghosn was connected to Ex NIXON era CIA and she "thought" great "I fit in"   then she was told Ghosn was connected to Lockerbie and THAT made Sharyn care more about humanity than any job.  

Recently Sharyn heard that Tavares is going to get the "top job"  Sharyn hopes NISSAN announces it BEFORE the 28th.  She does not want to have to show Baker Donelson the emails that show she "priced" the NISSAN Leaf.   YES!!  Sharyn told Tavares that marketing "messed up" and nobody would pay a price higher than the one she stated.  Guess what price  they changed it to?

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