Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jean-Luc Mélenchon - Ooh La La.... A Socialist is Sexy? Heck Any Man That Calls on The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn To Be Fired... is "Attractive" The French are NOT Dumb. Renault Does NOT Discriminate The Way NISSAN Does... Women at Renault are RESPECTED!!!!

"I think we should change the Renault-Nissan boss because he has absolute proof of its ineffectiveness," said Jean-Luc Mélenchon Tuesday in three emission Evidence on Public Senate. "First it is very expensive, I think you could find a pattern that is less expensive for the results at least as interesting as his. Secondly, he left aside in favor Renault Nissan, this is say all unions of the company, "he said.

"So Carlos Ghosn is a bad boss, and I as a shareholder, I think we need to find another one, this one has run its course," insisted the leader of the Left Party. "It would be a worker, a foreman, an engineer who would have such performance against its assets, Carlos Ghosn would be replaced. Well we have to replace Carlos Ghosn because he is not good at all as a boss."

Renault hopes to reach an agreement in early February and PSA conclude discussions on the social level, including the terms of compensation for departures on other sites or outside the company in February or March.

Pour Mélenchon, Carlos Ghosn doit partir

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"Donc Carlos Ghosn est un mauvais patron, et moi en tant qu'actionnaire, je pense qu'il faut en trouver un autre, celui-là a fait son temps", ...

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