Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Told a Guy Named Randy Elrod I Was Going to Make NISSAN/Williamson County More Accepting of Diversity... Then He Told Me in May 2010 That the Good Ole Boy Network Connected to NISSAN Did a LOT of Deals... Think the Franklin Bond Debt Connected to NISSAN That The CIty Pays About 1 Million in Debt Service a Year.... The New Police Station Had a LOT of "Extra" Costs. KICKBACKS. I Was Told the Chief of Police is CORRUPT. He Retired. THe Day the Grand Jury Indicted Me. I Heard That People in Franklin Want Me Dead John Schroer is The Godfather of the the Good Ole Boys and a Friend of Governor Haslam..... SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF THIS STATE.... David Heath at Williamson County Schools is Corrupt. I Rated Him Out. He Got Parent Assisted Liposuction AFTER His Divorce.

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