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Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Jailed on Charge that Was Technically Wrong (Twice). YET In Tennessee the Precedent is a Grand Jury Indictment = Probable Cause so Malicious Prosecution Case Dismissed. Bovat to Appeal - The Fact the Jury Did NOT Understand the Law Should NOT Hard Sharyn, In Fact Secret Grand Juries are Dangerous. if if Could Happen to Me it Could Happen to Anyone. The Court System Needs to Be Fixed.. I'll Take it To the Supreme Court 
Date: January 28, 2013 6:40:01 PM CST
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Grand Jury Indictment = Probable Cause
Judge Easter Thinks Decisions By People That Can't Read are Valid.
If this is true then ALL Americans should fear for their lives... Secret Grand Juries should NOT determine "probable cause"....   

Sharyn Bovat arrested TWICE for stalking a corporation because she sent emails to executives saying to NOT waste taxpayer money. The law says ONLY individuals can be stalked.  The charges were NOT valid and twice dropped.  

Bovat suffered 19+ months in the courts.  Learns that documents that had her arrested for trespassing were "tampered with" NISSAN wanted to "draw down" the 1.4 Billion dollar DOE loan and that is WHY Bovat suffered time in the courts..  They needed the whistleblower discredited.  In court Bovat says it took away her "credibility" when trying to get a law firm to do a False Claims suit.  Bovat knew the NISSAN leaf was being made with outdated technology and wanted to stop taxpayer money from being spent on something that would not succeed.

It Was OK WIth Judge Easter That TERRY WOOD LIED.
The fact that Terry Wood lied made no difference in the judges decision ... it took him 4 seconds to "make the decisions"... audio tapes are being reviewed.  What happened in Tennessee is WRONG. 

Kim Helper Williamson County DA .... WHY?: NISSAN Whistleblower ...

Jan 14, 2013 – NISSAN Whistleblower Tells ADA Terry Wood That He's Wrong.... The Affidavit He ... Kim Helper the Williamson County DA. Kim Helper the ...
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Williamson County Tennessee is a Cesspool of Corruption.. 

The Grand Jury Indictment = Probable Cause Could Be My Ticket to Meet Scalia.   

Clearly When Judge Easter made the ruling he must have been thinking about something besides the LAW.  OMG!!!  Then stating that Because the case was dismissed on technical issue it could NOT be malicious prosecution.  The TECHNICAL issue was that a person can't STALK a CORPORATION.

ALL I did was tell NISSAN to NOT Waste TAXPAYER Money.

The Grand Jury Can't READ & I get arrested- then there's guaranteed PROBABLE cause.

Maybe a law needs to pass saying that Grand Jurors should be able to READ?
tion consultant.... I can't wait to tell companies in other states HOW you mess with the life of someone who stood up for what was morally right.

The Judge accepted the affidavit from Terry Wood..Favored NISSAN on one part based on the affidavit... even though I had proof Terry Wood lied LIED.

How is that fair?

ADA Terry Wood Lied and the Good Ole Boy Judge Thought That Was OK....

When Does the Statute of Limitations Begin to Run?
In most cases, the statute of limitations begins to run when the injury occurred, or when the statements were made. If you do not discover the defamatory statements until later, you may be able to have the statute of limitations extended if you can prove the delay in discovery was reasonable. If other exigent conditions resulted in your inability to sue, you may also be able to extend the statute of limitations. Possible examples of exigent conditions include medical incapacity, being under eighteen and thus unable to sue, or if you were serving in active combat in the military. The court will typically review exigent conditions on a case-by-case basis to determine if justice demands an extension of the statute of limitations.

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