Monday, January 21, 2013

Carlos Ghosn is Feeling the Heat in France... Some Call on Change....

  1. La CFDT accuse Carlos Ghosn de privilégier Nissan

    Les Échos-17 hours ago
    Le numéro un de la CFDT Laurent Berger a accusé lundi le PDG de Renault Carlos Ghosn de privilégier le partenaire japonais Nissan à l'heure où la direction ...
  2. Renault: Carlos Ghosn pointé du doigt par la CFDT

    BFMTV.COM-15 hours ago
    "Carlos Ghosn dirige deux entreprises en même temps. Il est neuf fois plus payé par Nissan que par Renault", a poursuivi le successeur de ...
  3. RENAULT : la CFDT s'interroge sur Carlos Ghosn hours ago
    "Carlos Ghosn dirige deux entreprises en même temps, il est neuf fois plus ... des objectifs officiels annoncés par Carlos Ghosn n'a été atteint.
  4. La CFDT demande un PDG "plus performant" que Carlos Ghosn ...

    L'Usine Nouvelle-19 hours ago
    Laurent Berger, le numéro un de la CFDT, s'en est pris à Carlos Ghosn, le PDG de Renault, alors qu'il était invité sur RTL. Aussitôt, le Premier ...
  5. Carlos Ghosn avantagerait-il Nissan au détriment de Renault ?

    Autodéclics (Blog)-15 hours ago
    Invité de Jean-Michel Aphatie sur RTL, Laurent Berger, leader de la CFDT, a laissé entendre queCarlos Ghosn privilégiait davantage Nissan ...
  6. VIDEO - Sur RTL, Laurent Berger tacle violemment Carlos Ghosn hours ago
    Laurent Berger a adressé une très sévère mise en garde à l'adresse de Carlos Ghosn. Il estime que le patron de Renault est "plus le PDG de ...

CFDT was going to attack. Criticized for having signed the agreement on employment, Laurent Berger attacked Carlos Ghosn, head of Renault on Monday 21 January. RTL, the union leader questioned publicly about the strategy of the French automotive group and its CEO, who are preparing to remove at least 7,500 jobs by 2016. "The problem of Renault, such as PSA, is a matter of strategy," he said, adding that Carlos Ghosn "would tend to favor Nissan".

"Carlos Ghosn runs two businesses at the same time. It is nine times that paid by Nissan by Renault," continued the successor of François Chérèque, noting that the two companies "still have different interests."

Later, Laurent Berger, decidedly forceful, has given a layer on the Renault boss: "It is almost inaccessible. Nobody sees. Nobody meeting. Paid is seven times more than the CEO of Toyota which puts its business in a more effective ". To question the competence of the businessman: "We must consider the possibility for Renault to have a CEO who is more efficient in Renault's strategy." And to appeal to the State as a shareholder to 15% of the manufacturer, "must take its responsibilities on the back of Renault."

Ayrault reaffirms its support to the CEO of Renault

Jean-Marc Ayrault, he was quickly taken to extinguish the fire. From Saint-Nazaire, the Prime Minister reiterated his support for Carlos Ghosn: "We're not asking the departure of so and so. We are here to build, not to destroy."

The head of government, however, expressed reservations about the group's strategy. "It is normal that the State asked these groups maximum transparency, which is not always the case. What we hope is that the leaders of these groups say clearly what car development strategy , "he said.

These statements come after those of Arnaud Montebourg that on January 16 BFMTV and RMC, was pleased that Renault had "complied with government red lines" in announcing job cuts. The next day it was the turn of Michel Sapin, the Minister of Labour, defend Renault. "We see the difference between those who want to be proactive to prevent a social catastrophe and those who did not sufficiently anticipated and need to handle social situations extremely difficult," he said were compared with PSA.
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