Saturday, January 26, 2013

Attachment to Court Filing on Friday January 25th.

Read Alabama Mayor in Jail Based on Similar Scheme with Taxpayer Backed Bonds...
Could the malicious prosecution of the NISSAN Whistleblower start a MAJOR dance in Tennessee BIGGER than the WALTZ..... it's connected to Al Gore?

Carlos Tavares did NOT want to be apart of the corruption.  He let "my blogging" happen.

Below is "really in" a motion filed at the Williamson County Courthouse
Sharyn Bovat vs NISSAN North America - Case # 2012-387

In a court motion Sharyn Bovat says she was acting as the "campaign manager" for Carlos Tavares.  She wanted someone honorable to run NISSAN.

Bovat told Tavares in 2009 that she worked for operatives connected to top strategist. When taxpayer money is NO LONGER wasted the hardworking people struggling to pay their bills in Tennessee should "thank" Karl Rove.

When Karl Rove connected with me on Linkedin I knew the elders in the GOP family were ready for "cousin" Sharyn's return, can't wait to see Henry :):)  

Rove's people taught me that "facts" matter.  Soon America will know the "facts" about Tennessee and Good Ole Boy networks.

The FACT is America needs to be Energy Independent.  That issue can unite the GOP.

Al Gore's proposals cost too much money.  We need pragmaism in the DOE and EPA.  I believe that govt. needs to spend "some" money in R & D but with American companies. Also I believe that America needs to look at all forms of energy. Offshore drilling, tracking, coal, clean coal, the pipeline.  Canada is NOT the Middle East.  North America should be able to provide our "allies" energy.  Maybe we can make enough oil to help our friends in the UK.  They seem to have some "issues" in the Middle East too.

The "fact" is that ALL Republicans are not stupid... some of us are REALLY smart.  Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove are Geniuses.  Alot of the stuff you read about them that's not flattering originates from Sal Russo.   Sal is connected "sometimes" to another strategist Haley Barbour.   Oddly the 4 of them each are very unique but when it's election time the family "gets along"....

Being a "friendly fixture" in the 80's early 90's was educational.   Had NISSAN not "outed" me a lot of people would have never known about me. That's the way it's SUPPOSED to be.   What I did during the Cold War was dangerous but I did it because of my DNA - it's what I was raised to do & that' is fight for America and our values - they are Freedom and Democracy.  Now I have to adapt to a life that's not - under the radar.  Still I'm me and that means that the family (GOP) and I will have to figure out how to get along.  Sure I'm a social moderate.  I'm Pro Choice and think if gays want to marry .. OK it's none of my business on peoples personal lives. Still I do not think abortions should be funded by the taxpayers.

When it comes to National Security I'm a hawk, still I think our troops that have done 4+ tours in the Middle East need a rest.  Call me the "new Neocon" one that wants Peace through Strength.... OOPS...Maybe I just want the sequel.

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