Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sharyn Bovat Feels Trapped in a Binder.....She Wants Freedom from Tennessee.... That Means NISSAN Must Mediate..... Sharyn Bovat Told Her Constitutional RIghts Were Violated. If Nissan Does NOT Want to Mediate She''ll Speak Louder and the Women in America Are Tired of Being Abused By Big Business.. Sharyn is INSPIRED By Them,,, This is About FREEDOM for Women... NISSAN Can NO LONGER Jail People That Question Them..... Greg Kelly, Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, Mark Stout, Marlin Chapman, Erich Marx and Jon Brancheau... Don't Fuck with a Women Who Learned How to Fight From People that Tore Down a Wall.... My Type Fights..... We're NOT Like the Pansy's ...OMG!!! I Did Research for DIA Operatives and CIA Operatives.... Damn.. NO Wonder Why I'm a Little Weird... VICTORY for the Taxpayers.... That Means Build No More Leaf's UNTIL YOU Have a Viable Battery and a Car that Cost Less Than 80K to Build.... If Akerson Calls Me I'll Work for GM... I've Put Together a Marketing Concept Better Than Ewanick Could Have EVER Come Up With.. That Car Unlike the Leaf Can Life Up to Expectations... It Just Needs "Some Tweaks".... Becker ...if YOU Don't Wanna Mediate. We'll Do it the Hard Way.... I told My Lawyer I'm NOT Showing Weakness By Asking to Mediate Before Depositions... When YOU Have ALL the Aces it's OK to Show Your Cards...

Al Gore I Want to Suppoena YOU... When we "add" the state to the Malicious Prosecution lawsuit I can question YOU.... It was Cronies connected to Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr that abused me.


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