Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marlin Chapman NISSAN HR Director = Corrupt and Stupid

Marlin Chapman

Corrupt and Stupid

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 Whistleblower Reaches out to Vanderbilt University: Sharyn Bovat has faith that the students at Vanderbilt will want

 & Tennessee to Urge mediation. The fraud is REAL, the discrimination is REAL, the inhumanity is Real

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NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat reaches out to Vanderbilt Professor John Haley
I’ve started a blog to get your attention.
The issues are with Eric Holder’s office: Senator Corker sent them BUT they are doing nothing (it’s political)
I’m a whistle blower whose been bullied by the courts in Tennessee for 3 years. I’m a mom and have been jailed 3 times on “trumped up charges” I’ve fought in the court for over 19 months. I’ve had death threats. NOW lawyers want me to file malicious prosecution but the courts are so corrupt here ALL I want is for NISSAN to mediate. My life in Tennessee has been a “horror story” .....
Nissan is committing major fraud and the state is letting them waste bond money. NISSAN holds about 4 Billion in IDB debt. They’ve started taking that money in 1982, I’ve been told the company “keeps rolling them over” and can NEVER pay back the money. The collateral for the DOE loan is a Rutherford County IDB bond and NISSAN does not have the technology to build the car they told congress. NISSAN lied and used technology from the 90’s they needed the American DOE money because they had a cash flow problem The VP of Purchasing Catherine Perez told me then Dominique Thormann the former SVP of Administration and Finance has used a “good ole boy” network to terrorize me. It sounds crazy but it’s TRUE. Please read about this.
Thank you
Sharyn Bovat
FYI- Did you know Mark Silverman of the Tennessean. He knows about my situation and he’s covered up massive DOE fraud because it’s the president’s pet project. Video of me explaining whistleblowing Video that Includes Issues with Matt Kisber & Reagan Farr and NISSAN IRAN
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